Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Designer Silk Scarf of Hermes

Hermes silk scarf of 2011 autumn and winter season collection contain a number of designer silk scarf, which includes the graffiti silk hair scarf which happens to be hand-painted by Brazil artists, as well as the designer silk scarf of Tree of Existence which is made from all sorts of styles of cloths too because the Red Queen designer silk scarf which in printed interesting poker designs an so forth. These designer silk scarves are inspired by diverse themes, like architecture, clothing, nature and streets. The colorful colours, altering designs at the same time because the workmanship make individuals dizzying.

The Hermes green designer silk scarf of Magic Kelly, which happens to be created by designer Dimitri Rybaltchenko, is employed the Kelly bag which happens to be revealed inside the star evening to specific and re-interpret the designer's creativity for this classic bag. What's a lot more, numerous fashion illustrators who are from Paris paint numerous tying approaches of Hermes silk scarf into the illustration, plus they identify this new-style silk scarf as I adore my silk scarf. ??And this new-style cashmere scarves shows the large matching function of Hermes silk scarf by means of the calming and casual type.

The designer Pierre Marie as soon as designed some animal cards for Hermes, and now Pierre Marie beings those animals to bop the circling dance on the silk scarf, and consequently Pierre Marie designs Hermes dream-like Red Queen designer silk scarf in 2011 autumn and winter season collection. Within this fashion silk scarves, colorful ribbons are flying, and also the cards are surrounding the king, which just likes several stars are serving moon. Along with the 4 elements of soil, water, hearth and air mirror out the pleased environment, which can be indeed bringing several childlike funs.

Hermes designer silk scarf of Tree of Lifestyle in 2011 autumn and winter sequence is made from many different cloths, which happens to be a colorful tree, every leaf is coated in cloth. On the leaf, it is adorned with all the harmonious patterns of lines and arc. The geometry can be a way of life, a belief too being a symbol of social class. And at times, these complex patterns may have magic, or they can grow to be the spell of turning into great fortune and avoiding the bad fortune.

Hermes designer silk scarf of Origin of the Universe in 2011 autumn and winter series lets us have this kind of feeling that as if we had been within the eastern Arizona in the United states of america in 1880. On the center in the silk scarf, the Indian warriors are putting on golden eagle and hawk feathers using the sharp eyesight, and they're surrounded by the symbols which stand for the universe.

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