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Their neat selection concerning baggage pick from travel bags

When the customers go in to the stores, it's not usual to discover this particular product within the repertoire regarding presents. But once the product is procured from the vacation accessory stores, it might be connected with various types and also is often employed to provide the needed show for the product. Created related with leather-based, this kind of betty boop bags are fairly comfortable to become applied not to mention might be dealt with effortlessly to hold numerous products by way of the journey.

So, attempt to perform as a great deal as it is possible to yourself or be prepared to shell out for a person to do it for you. Commit a while comparing and also often be sure they understand that you know you happen to be self-publishing. Get available, begin writing not to mention start publishing. However, with all the current situation about lifestyle today plus the economic disaster each nation is suffering, an increasing number of individuals are seeking for practical techniques to shop for anything that can equate together with the characteristics regarding the much more expensive ones. Comparison: Amazon Cloud vs Apple iCloud Each about the providers about these remarkable gadgets give 5 gigs which do not come from their web page. Now, the 2 competing things have yet again arrived out with related storage ranges and additionally the only real bodily that may help you distinct from 1 to a different is their names.If you would like see extra, click here!

Among the a lot of marketing items, the commonest are pens with messages. Some associated with the other items like printed pens can be made use of on a daily basis plus no matter when they utilize it, they are going to keep in mind the services and then the goods of the organization. For those who present the products for the new clientele, they're going to be conscious regarding your company plus your model.

Check the bodyweight relating to the bag. Even though you would want your bag to become rather sturdy coupled with resilient, you would also want to make certain that it isn't created for heavy or cumbersome materials. What you will like would be a bag made about light-weight substance that might be simple to lug around and additionally nonetheless would supply sufficient safety to your things.

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New Spherical related with Leather-based Bag Fashion

Fashion period could be the special moment to reach the cheering, exiting together with unforgettable experience from colorful together with dazzling styles. Garments, jewelries, decorations, higher heel footwear will be an ideal things to decorate you with exceptional together with eye-catching picture. For those who constantly keep eyes on style globe, you may conveniently read through the information from the wintertime designer show from the brands like LV, Channel, and so on. Within the winter season fashion season connected with 2010, leather bag in feminine style would get a further round concerning recognition. To be able to satisfy the interesting dressing form, you should certainly recognize the strategy to make use concerning leather bags in wintertime style time.

Nowadays, stylish females might try to make the handbags in elaborate and then terrific type. There's always the pattern for larger leather-based bag in superior leather-based good quality. Typically, this kind of handbag will be with delicate cowhide leather-based, camel leather, horse leather or other leather-based material with all the elaborate production process.

When it arrives towards the well-liked design for stylish leather-based zebra print bags, the surface with extraordinary brand, big-sized map painting, and additionally very simple but impressive dim check design with shining painting would serve as the great selectable fashion elements. If you may have undergone the renowned winter fashion show about LV or Channel, you might fully concur that such sort of gorgeous leather-based luggage could be not merely the leisure decoration equipment, they might also stand for very simple, low-key style of dressing for career or official suits. When picking the major leather-based bag, we may well pay attention for the choice connected with size. Too big leather-based bag may influence the convenience for every day carrying. Consequently, we may pick up the leather baggage in correct dimension to create the fantastic impact. Any needed decorations could be laid emphasised on. Shining stripe with useful lock could include vivid fascination not to mention style sense to leather-based bags. The knitting style or velvet check may well also allow you to feel heat inside the icy winter.

In addition, several leather bags for females online with soft touching experience may very well be the common in this year. The useful sensation could be pure. The popular carrying way of designer leather bag could be within the solitary shoulder instead connected with sliding carrying strategy. The cause is the fact that, sliding carrying may possibly ruin the right form to match the garments. Single-shoulder leather bag could convey the casual feeling and also experienced meaning. Caused by the trusted materials sourcing, the approach to leather-based maintenance will be very uncomplicated. More often than not we could use half-wet velvet cloth to clean the leather-based surface area.

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Start Pumping Iron: Breast Cancer Patients Reduce Arm Swelling by Lifting Weights

Women who suffer from lymphedema, or chronic arm swelling, after breast cancer surgery may experience relief by lifting weights, according to a recent study. Lymphedema can occur after lymph nodes are removed during breast cancer surgery. Doctors have traditionally advised women with lymphedema to avoid lifting weights so as not to worsen the condition. However, this recent study contradicts that advice, showing that weightlifting might actually have a beneficial effect on breast cancer patients—in addition to its other benefits on bone density and health women's jackets .

Lymphedema is the chronic swelling or feeling of tightness in the arm or hand due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the soft tissue of the arm. The condition occurs when lymph vessels, which normally carry excess fluid out of the limbs and back into central circulation, have had their flow interrupted. Axillary (underarm) lymph node removal is commonly performed on breast cancer patients to stage or treat their cancer. However, between 15% and 20% of breast cancer patients who undergo axillary lymph node removal develop lymphedema. According to the American Cancer Society, of the two million breast cancer survivors in the U.S., approximately 400,000 must cope with lymphedema on a daily basis.

Traditionally, women with lymphedema have been told to avoid weight lifting so as not to aggravate the arm swelling. However, some researchers have called this advice into question. To conduct the current study, lead researcher Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH, of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Pennsylvania and colleagues enrolled 141 past breast cancer patients with lymphedema. Half of the women participated in a weight-lifting exercise program twice a week for 90 minutes over 13 weeks. The women wore a custom-fitted compression sleeve on the affected arm during exercise and began with light weights, around 1 to 2 pounds, gradually increasing the weight over time.

The results of the study showed that the majority of the women in the weight-lifting group reduced symptoms of lymphedema. Moreover, there were no serious adverse effects among the women who lifted weights.

Dr. Schmitz hopes that her study will change how doctors advise patients with lymphedema. "Hopefully this will be the last nail in the coffin for that kind of misguided advice," she said, in a statement on her center's web site.

The American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and American Lymphedema Institute have issued recommendations for women after breast cancer surgery to help avoid lymphedema. These recommendations include the following:

Use the arm in normal activities (such as bathing, dressing, etc.).

After surgery, keep the arm raised above the level of the heart for 45 minutes, two to three times a day while lying down. Position the arm on a pillow so the hand is higher than the wrist and the elbow is slightly higher than the shoulder.

Use a soft ball or stress ball and perform squeezing exercises with the hand, even if patients are not yet ready to perform raised arm positions immediately after surgery.

Clean the skin of the arm and hand every day and keep it moist with lotion. Lotions should not contain any alcohol, dyes, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum products, talc or perfumes.

Make sure all clothing in contact with the affected area is clean, and change bandages and dressing frequently.

Avoid any needle sticks, blood tests, blood pressure testing, allergy tests or medical procedures of any kind on the affected arm whenever possible.

Be careful to avoid too much pressure on the arm. Avoid tight jewelry, clothing or elastic bandages on the affected arm.

Do not use chemical hair removers under the arm. Use of an electric razor is recommended to avoid nicks and cuts when removing underarm hair.

Avoid extreme changes in temperature. Do not use hot tubs or saunas.

Take precautions to avoid any injuries to the affected arm, such as scrapes, scratches, burns, insect bites.

Consider wearing soft pads under the arm after axillary node dissection.

Wear a breast compression garment when traveling.

Wear protective gloves when doing household chores, especially when chemical cleansers are involved.

Exercise regularly but rest the affected arm immediately if it becomes tired or sore.

Maintain a balanced diet and an ideal weight.

Any exercise program, including weight lifting, begun after breast cancer surgery should be discussed thoroughly with the patient's medical treatment team. Despite the results of the current study, weight lifting may not appropriate for all patients.

Additional Resources and References:

The study, "Weight Lifting in Women with Breast-Cancer–Related Lymphedema," was published in the August 13, 2009, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine,

A statement about the current study was published on the web site of the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania,

To learn more about lymphedema, please visit


Billabong Leverages the drirelease® Shirt Program from New Apparel Science for Their Surf Tee

Wilmington, DE, September 23, 2010. Billabong, the premier brand for surfing apparel and gear, is leveraging the recent program launched by drirelease? and New Apparel Science to deliver surf tees to its core audience.

The Chalked Up Surf T, which is made of drirelease Cotton, is a men's t-shirt that has been in Billabong's line-up for the past eight years. "Billabong's commitment to the drirelease surf tee is something we're very proud of, given the great performance it delivers to their core audience," said Chris Moore, General Manager of Optimer Labs. "Our recent partnership with New Apparel Science will ensure that Billabong and other customers have easy access to the great drirelease products their users know and love with minimal complexity for their brands" concluded Moore.

"We've been selling the drirelease shirt as a surf shirt for the past 8 years because of its quick-dry properties and how well the garment retains its shape," said Hub Hubbard, Product Manager for Billabong. The shirt, which has superior moisture wicking and quick-drying properties and also contains FreshGuard? odor control, has become a favorite among surfers because it provides a protective layer against abrasion and requires minimum upkeep. Peter Mendia, one of the Billabong Team Riders who has sampled the shirt from Carmel commented "The drirelease surf tees are the go . . . they're light and easy. More comfortable than a rash guard and better than a t-shirt." Hub Hubbard, who is himself a surfer, added "the quick drying properties [of drirelease] and FreshGuard let you wear [the shirt] in and out of the water for days on end, which is great for a traveling surfer."

About Optimer Brands
Optimer Brands, formerly known as Optimer Performance Fibers, a Sterling Capital Partners company, is based in Wilmington, DE.

Founded in 2001, Optimer Brands conducts textile research, development and marketing and has a scientific staff credited with over 100 patents and developments.

drirelease? is a registered trademark of Optimer Brands. It is a patented, intimate blend of synthetic and natural fibers that combine wicking and quick drying attributes into a single yarn. Instead of spreading the moisture across a fabric's surface, drirelease actually pushes it to the outside of a garment, releasing water and perspiration faster than any other performance fabric on the market. drirelease includes the added benefit of FreshGuard?, an odor neutralizer embedded in all drirelease fabrics that virtually eliminates odor without using harmful chemicals. All drirelease attributes are inherent to our yarns, meaning they will not wear or wash out. For more information, visit

FreshGuard? is a registered trademark of Optimer Brands. It is an odor neutralizer embedded in all drirelease fabrics. It eliminates odors in garments by blocking odor-causing sebaceous body oils from attaching to the fabric – also stopping the attraction of odor-causing bacteria. Not an anti-microbial or anti-bacterial, which attack bacteria that possess positive functions, FreshGuard is environmentally friendly. For more information, visit

About Billabong
Billabong produces active lifestyle clothing, accessories and related products designed and distributed to a worldwide customer base of board riders. The products are developed in the authentic environment of the surf culture and sold primarily through surf and specialty retailers.

Billabong event schedule is second to none: it hosts Hawaii's Pipeline Masters, Tahiti, South Africa, Brazil and Portugal World Contest Tour professional contests as well as the XXL Big Wave Challenge and awards party. The Billabong Girl's division hosts the Billabong Maui Pro and Design For Humanity two highlights in the women's world. In addition, Billabong supports the grass roots with Grom Comps and Junior Pro series and sponsors Surf Camps around the world.

Billabong-branded products are tested and improved by the best board sport performers across the globe. With 3-time world champ Andy Irons, 2-time World runner-up Joel Parkinson, and #1 ranked Taj Burrow, big wave legends Shane Dorian and XXL winner Mike Parsons, the professional team is unmatched. National Amateur Champions Keanu Asing and Courtney Conlogue head a top-rated amateur team. Three-time X-Game Gold Medalist snowboarder Jamie Anderson, surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter, former World Champ Mark Occhilupo and Environmentalist of the Year Dave Rastovich add firepower to the brand, along with top selling videos like Still Filthy (Surfer Magazine Movie of the Year) and the wakeboarding video Out of the Pond (Wake Magazine video of the year.)

All this bestows Billabong with a deep-rooted authenticity in the boardsports world. Active enthusiasts in every department from marketing and sales, to design and merchandising, bring a genuineness and unique quality to both the innovative products and related events produced by the Billabong brand.

About New Apparel Science
New Apparel Science is an apparel producer of performance active lifestyle apparel. Together with its sister company Carmel Textiles Inc., NAS benefits from Carmel's extensive technical trade experience to offer its customers unique products. Carmel Textiles has been producing and providing fabrics for 30 years to all the majo fashion jackets r brands in the apparel industry. We combine advanced fiber technology and fabrics to create the most practical, functional, performance apparel possible. We call this process the "science of comfort." By manufacturing from the fiber forward, NAS provides its customers with competitive prices as well as flexible private label options.

In a combined effort with Optimer Brands, NAS is producing the Zte line of performance drirelease t-shirts. These performance shirts are the ultimate in comfort and ease of care. All the performance attributes are built into the fiber, giving the wearer the comfort of knowing that they will be durable for the life time of the garment. These shirts are perfect for embellishment in either sublimation or basic printing. We are very excited about bringing the Zte brand to market. Open stock is available to the trade starting mid-November 2010.

Media Contact:
Ana Torres
Director of Marketing


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Fashion Designer Elizabeth McKay to be Featured in Watch Hill's Ocean House

Elizabeth McKay, the New York-based women's luxury lifestyle apparel company, has been selected by the Ocean House of Watch Hill, RI, to design an exclusive line of women's uniforms that pay homage to the iconic Victorian-era seaside resort's storied past and bright future following a $140 million rebuild and restoration.

The new dresses, available for the winter 2010 season, incorporate many of the intricate details and personal touches that have come to define the Elizabeth McKay line - from hidden pockets and imported fabrics to custom hardware and signature buttons. Like all Elizabeth McKay pieces, the Ocean House outfits have been designed to not only wear well from day-to-night but to also handle today's practicalities.

"I love drawing inspiration from classic, iconic women when creating new pieces so when the Ocean House approached us about designing a winter outfit, I was thrilled to draw inspiration from another type of classic icon," said Elizabeth McKay Jenkins, founder and creative director of Elizabeth McKay.

"As a long-time summer resident of Watch Hill, the Ocean House holds a special place in my heart and the hearts of everyone in the community. The thought and dedication that went into its resurrection is an inspiration to us all. I'm flattered to have the opportunity to be included in some small way during the inaugural winter season."

To learn more about the Ocean House and its stunning rebuild and restoration, please visit

About Elizabeth McKay

Founded in 2006, Elizabeth McKay is an attainable, luxury, lifestyle brand defined fashion jackets online by classic American sportswear with an eclectic sensibility, which embodies the personal style and spirit of its founder and creative director, Elizabeth McKay Jenkins. Perceiving a void in the market for a sophisticated American aesthetic at an accessible price point, Elizabeth left the firm she co-founded, TS Dixin (named after her nephews Taylor, Spencer, and Dixon), to create stylish yet wearable clothing for women of all ages under the eponymous label, Elizabeth McKay.

Elizabeth's new American style is a blend of her Northern upbringing and Southern roots. She draws inspiration from her extensive travels and from the colorful, iconic women who consistently prove that style transcends time. Elizabeth loves pairing big, bold prints with classic patterns to create pieces that translate well from day-to-night. Elizabeth McKay can be found online and in over 200 specialty stores throughout the United States.

For more information about Elizabeth McKay or its founder, Elizabeth McKay Jenkins, please call 800-396-1799 or visit

Elizabeth McKay
308 East 79th Street
New York, NY 10075

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Consider your time for you to study coupled with read through a great deal about stuff just before shelling out in one particular bag

Rash Guards were initially made for just that, to guard towards rashes that happen when in salt drinking water, especially for those surfers and also water sports activities lovers. Not everyone is built just like a pro surfer, and also a majority concerning time rashies are created to be form fitting. "Tight" for most of the people is simply something that clings in an unbecoming way.

When picking either associated with the alternatives, you might generally choose the one that is roomier has much more areas for your other essentials. There may be no need for you to pay a visit to the mall to attempt the black leather baggage for ladies online coupled with learn how it suits. Should you be still emotion a bit uncertain, then you may calculate the scale for your laptop: the size, depth plus peak.

Athletes are continually travelling using a massive sum of sports equipment are idolised plus are incessantly in the public eye resulting from their outstanding abilities. Sport activity famous people typically have a good deal about impact together with supporters will often mimic the things they wear, what they do particularly the brands they use. They've got wide printing areas that you could use to quickly appeal to your customers.

The normal attractiveness in addition to snow laden peaks plus the inexperienced meadows with all the colonial bungalows not to mention the cascading waterfalls would be the wonderful items one particular should never skip out. " Read More. The bag has not overlooked its wearer, with innovative pleat perform concerning the leather for physique friendliness, an within pocket with D-ring so you won't at any time go searching for your keys within a in no way ending sea of bag and also jewelry show stand contents. This Fall 2009 charcoal grey colour is slick together with solid, offering an unexpected sparkle to an on the other hand grey autumn working day. In addition, it completely enhances the autumn trees' modifying colours, location like a backdrop to the kaleidoscope rather of detracting from it.

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REI Unveils its Branded Fall 2011 Line to Outdoor Industry

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), a national retailer providing quality outdoor gear and clothing, announced its new lineup of exclusive gear and apparel for fall 2011 during the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market tradeshow. Available to members and customers in August of 2011, the co-op's award-winning brand will help people get outdoors wherever adventure may take them.


REI's Spruce Run jacket for men and Nevis jacket for women offers customizable temperature options with arms and hoods that can be unzipped and packed away in a hidden back pocket. These jackets use Pertex? Microlight Eco shell fabric to excel as an outer layer in cold, dry weather or for use as an insulating layer under a shell in wet weather. The jacket is also uses PrimaLoft? Eco, an earth-friendly insulation that combines 50 percent recycled material with PrimaLoft virgin fibers to create high loft, low weight, breathability and thermal efficiency. Price: $169

The REI Salix jacket collection for men, women and kids blends urban style with waterproof and windproof technology to withstand fierce backcountry weather. The adult Salix Jackets use Primaloft Eco insulation that dries fast and insulates when wet. Price: $199; kids' version: $84.50

REI's Centre Peak soft shell jackets for men and women are stretchy and breathable. These jackets feature the new waterproof Polartec? Power Shield? Pro, a three layer laminate soft-shell fabric that breathes well, insulates, blocks wind to 55 mph and repels rain. Price: $199

Now made with Polartec? Thermal Pro? fleece, REI's new Woodland vest and jacket for men and women offers a soft, warm and comfortable layering option at women's jackets a great value. Price: $39.50–$49.50

REI's new Merino Wool tops for men and women are exceptionally soft fine-gauge merino wool at a tremendous value. These pieces can be worn next-to-skin or as part of a layering system, and are ideal for outdoor pursuits or inside in the office. The non-itch merino wool is warm, breathable, dries fast and resists odors. Price: $79.50–$89.50


Made from recycled polyester, this ecoSensitive? long sleeve Fleet Hoodie for men includes a hood that fits snugly to prevent cold air from entering or cords from flapping around when running, a zip mock neckline for coverage in inclement weather, thumbholes for warmth and a headphone portal. Price: $49.50

REI's 2011 Sariska Collection is a full line of yoga clothing that transitions easily to workout and weekend wear. This feminine, functional line is made of silky yet supportive fabric that provides four-way stretch for deep yoga poses. Quick wicking, fast drying and breathability add to the list of functional fitness benefits. Price: $42.50–$59.50

Packs and Luggage

REI's Pinnacle 35 & 50 liter mountain packs are climbing specific, but versatile enough for a variety of activities from a quick summit scramble to a backcountry overnight ascent. The 35 liter daypack can be used for multi-pitch cragging, or even the occasional winter backcountry approach. The 50 liter version offers extra room for overnight trips or when gear is bulkier. Both packs are unisex. Price: $129–$149

REI's Stratocruiser luggage collection is available in 18, 22 or 25 liter sizes. Rugged details like a sturdy telescopic pull-handle, quality wheels and housings, and tough 100 percent Cordura? nylon fabric, allow these bags to withstand rough adventures. This rolling bag collection includes removable daypacks with interior padding for electronics, and built-in straps (22/25) that can be zipped-out and worn like a pack if preferred. REI's Stratocruiser 18 or 22 is sized just right for an overhead bin. Price: $149–$249

Important documents travel incognito when tucked into REI's Travel Accessories Collection. Made from tough Cordura? nylon and offered in subdued, conservative colors, these carriers are loaded with organizational details and thoughtful pocket placement to keep everything handy and organized in transit. Price: $16.50–$49.50

About REI Gear & Apparel
REI's in-house team designs and develops award-winning gear and apparel for camping, hiking, cycling, urban lifestyle, travel and general outdoor recreation. The REI and Novara brands are sold exclusively through the co-op's retail stores, online at and through its catalogs.

About REI
REI is a national outdoor retailer dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. Founded in 1938 by a group of Pacific Northwest mountaineers seeking quality equipment, REI is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and increasing access to outdoor recreation through volunteerism, gear donations and financial contributions.

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Soon after this you ought to look into ordering live performance tour bags

Native Americans generally considered animals sacred specifically the Buffalo, the owl, the eagle, together with the cougar. Whenever they killed an animal they produced a ceremony and honored the spirit concerning the lifeless animal for everything it was providing them. Each element associated with the animal was made use of to lengthen the lifestyle related with the people.

Some particular person want shopping luggage online, it really is uncomplicated! That he becoming ignored is just not surprising, offered his shoestring price range in a campaign exactly where other individuals are currently spending innumerable thousands and thousands. Coupled with it doesn assist that the mainstream Republican institution can stand him. It may appear like he be embraced as being a exceptionally well-known, two-term GOP governor of New Mexico, a condition with a 2-1 Democratic voter registration.

When the leather-based is cleaned, start the whole process of conditioning. Use an expert conditioner and then yet again perform within a small region prior to relocating on for the subsequent. Specialist conditioners will recover the oils, defend the complete and then prolong the life connected with the leather-based.

The Middle East countries you will be covering within your Holy land tour are Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. This can be a famed travelling location for many throughout the world. This Israel excursion is a famed as Holy Land tour as well. When my site was 1st built I'd no dollars for Search engine optimisation (nevertheless do not), I located the Net Ceo software together with started utilizing the cost-free version. I located it extremely valuable being a novice, they may be releasing a brand new edition in a few months. I am thinking of upgrading from the totally free edition to smallbiz unleashed as till the Might seventeenth it's $149 as an alternative of $350 peculiar bucks.If you want see far more style products,please click here!

Some users for the Casecrown Bold Standby have experienced concerns with all the sleep method not working. It really is significant to very first examine in the event the method is within the "on" position. Beneath the Ipad's "Settings->General", there's a merchandise 'iPad Cover Lock/Unclock'" , be certain this can be in the "on" place.

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Sexy Wishes Receives Highest Rating

Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the

What Sort of Shoulder Baggage Go well with You Greatest?

Some people today believe that shoulder baggage usually are not fashion enough though a lot of people state that they're as well formalist. But you will find nevertheless some get shoulder luggage as a consequence of their comfort together with unaffected type. What kind of persons like the shoulder bag in the world?

The primary advantage related with a shoulder bag is easy to carry and absolutely free your both hands, and also in the very same time, it's convenient to suit your needs to journey to other areas. It can be extensively known that shoulder baggage are the best choice of those folks who really like travelling and then hiking. But distinct shoulder bags are appropriate for unique areas. There are lots of kinds of decorative bags, for example the low cost ones not to mention high priced ones. I advice you to select high quality shoulder baggage instead regarding low-priced kinds since low-cost shoulder luggage are quick to become damaged. And these baggage are used to hold hefty points like textbooks, garments quite a few other things, it is recommended to order quality ones to be able to utilize them extended.

Generally speaking, college students plus travellers are likely to use shoulder bags due to their needing connected with large quantity. Students normally must carry quite a bit related with books, I think there exists no greater baggage related with carrying textbooks compared to shoulder bag. The two belts can reveal the heavy stress and additionally make their shoulders confortable. Other bags like less costly shoulder baggage and also one particular shoulder baggage usually are not excellent for students' advancement of determine. Trvellers must vacation a lot together with they have to carry their each day things with them, including the clothes, the toothbrush, the shampoo, the towels not to mention some vital foods. lots of factors are very a hefty stress. Inexpensive shoulder bags can not afford to pay for lots of factors persons need to pick larger not to mention suitable shoulder luggage. There are plenty of very good brand names concerning shoulder luggage for travellers to select from. Whenever they choose crossbody luggage cheap, their palms will absolutely free and additionally they can do the things they want to do, including using pictures coupled with climbing hills.

In my thoughts, those men and women who like fashion not to mention often walk in the entrance of trendy possibly present tiny interest within the shoulder bag, allow alone those inexpensive shoulder bags. But if they may be going to have a visit or have a great deal relating to stuff, I feel they'd superior select shoulder luggage as their good helper. And additionally one of the most essential point is that you will need to pay a lot more interest to affordable shoulder baggage because you'll want to treatment with regards to their high quality.

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Austin's Sneaky Games Launches New Application for iPhone and iPod Touch

Sneaky Games, an Austin-based game development studio, has launched Fantasy Dress Up, a $1.99 iPhone app which lets users build out completely accessorized custom outfits for fantastical characters rendered in extremely high quality and brilliantly colored graphics.

The game was added to the official iPhone AppStore just last month, but has already had hundreds of downloads and many positive reviews.

One reviewer liked how the game kept his young niece busy. "My niece loves it," said AppStore user, Apache_atx; "All the combination of wild outfits, weapons, and armor keep her and her friends entertained as they try to out do each other. It works well and there's lots of stuff to do."

Sneaky Games came up the application because it wanted to develop something targeted for the fastest growing segment of gamers today - women.

"We know that women of all ages own the casual gaming space and many of the brands we work with on Advergaming projects care about this demographic," said David Godwin, President and CEO of Sneaky Games. "We invested in this application - and will continue to inv Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the est in it - because it deepens our understanding of a critically important market."

Fantasy Dress Up allows players to customize their character's hair, face, skin tone, weapons, background, headwear, wings, arms, top, bottom, and shoes. The application features a unique browsing window which allows users to sort through clothing as if going through an immense closet filled with fantastic wardrobe pieces. The fantasy style graphics are truly top-notch and, according to Godwin represent the application's most significant development expenditure.

Sneaky Games is planning on a new version of Fantasy Dress Up which will include new customization options and the ability to post designs to Facebook. Version 2 will is slated for launch in September.

The characters featured in Fantasy Dress Up are taken from a massive multi-player online game (MMO) that Sneaky Games has had under development for several months. The game, like this application, will be targeted to women players. Fantasy Dress Up can be downloaded from the AppStore. A link is provided from the Sneaky Games site:

About Sneaky Games
Sneaky Games builds everything from online casual games to community related social environments in order to help companies initiate and maintain brand experiences. Flash games, iPhone games, web based MMOGs, Advergames, and Social media. Need a game? We can build it around your needs. Learn more at


New Online Shopping Emporium Offers Discounts on Home & Outdoor Products

Web entrepreneur Diana Carper is pleased to debut the online shopping emporium, The new site features steep discounts on everyday and difficult to find items for the home and outdoors.

Clicking on the site's products page gives customers instant access to clearly outlined categories, a feature which helps shoppers navigate the online mall's vast inventory. Pamper her with name brand beauty products from Covergirl, Estee Lauder, and Christian Dior. Outfit the whole family with fashion-forward apparel, and accessorize with jewelry and watches. Save big on home and garden fu Tips: Find Street Fashion Online(may be you can find what you want on the rnishings, particularly kitchen gadgets and tools.

Keep up with the latest cutting edge technology without breaking the bank. Laptops from Acer, hp probooks, and digital cameras from Canon and Panasonic are quite popular. If an escape from technology is needed, then head over to the leisure and sport department for outdoor sports gear. Hunting gear, Airsoft equipment, and fan gear are also available.

"Our focus is on offering great pricing on a large variety of items, which can also be purchased in bulk to further increase savings," said Carper.

The online shopping mall's incredible inventory includes many difficult to find items, such as handicap and adaptive clothing. Clothing specially adapted to address issues like incontinence, wheel chair confinement, and behavioral issues associated with Alzheimer's are difficult to find, but has pages upon pages of adaptive clothing for men and women. Choose from back snap men's collared shirts, attractive women's track suits, and colorful adaptive blouses.

"Every human being deserves to live their life with dignity," said Carper. "Adaptive clothing gives people coping with problems beyond their control a sense of normalcy."

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Each piece of inventory has been screened for quality, durability, and affordability. Orders are filled and shipped promptly in keeping with the company's commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Feedback is always welcome and responded to in a timely manner by a friendly, knowledgeable staff member.

For detailed product reviews, visit the site's brand new blog, The interactive platform is also frequently updated with interior and exterior home décor tips.

About the Company: – a division of Cowgirl Solutions LLC – is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Diana Carper.

Diana Carper
(405) 533-1460

iePlexus, Inc.

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Bag that's the reason why we are delighted to sell them to you at higher worth costs with our dependable service

If this is within the brief and additionally lengthy stemmed cocktails infused with colors and also flavours! To produce the person will be able to get every one of the reasons we dislike it so hard for anybody today. The Most significant Loser Diet program gives you most cancers!" Panic not. There are actually a lot of ways to deal with acne.

If you consider yourself to be the ideal and unique golfing player you're worth having a Nike cart bag. For those who pay attention to the European golf tour also for the PGA golf tour you'll see that most about experienced golf gamers use Nike products. Who can know about the quality associated with golfing goods superior to correct specialists? This can be an additional proof the key reasons why you'll want to use these products too.

For the sportier lady, choose up The North Face Cadene bag for sporty design which will carry you by way of the week and then the weekend without having any concerns. This smaller, nonetheless roomy Anais Gvani bag will supply sufficient protection for the laptop, consumer electronics, not to mention esesntials in the course of any sort of commute. This bag is actually a funky choice that you can consider along with you to the workplace coupled with then to that camping trip later on on inside the month.

I can preserve a great deal time and also annoyance with regards to placement my possessions into my bag using the use related with the Buxton Over the Shoulder Handbag. I despise the fact that I primarily ought to complete a puzzle as a way to withdraw a particular product from my dasein handbag. It truly is essential relating to me to extract all of my things, not to mention then reposition them into my bag, which happens to be an pointless waste materials for time.

Wipes are applied, not only for diaper transforming, but additionally to wipe arms faces, to clean off pacifiers which have fallen on to the road, and then to wipe down dirty buying cart handles. They're terribly handy, together with are an essential in just about every well-packed diaper bag. The concern isn't if you've got packed adequate for the outing, but what is lurking inside that solution that maintains them good moist.

I moreover failed to love apples or grapes that time. Fatigued by uncertain about? All ideal, within the nine entire months my most adored delicacies connected with all is tomatoes. As depending on actuality, all I seem to be to perform from afternoon until evening is in most cases to make an effort to consume meals things with tomatoes in them.

Also mentioned in the Free CPE course, is the fact that ironically, quite a few condition legislatures are yet to made this specialized difference between Viatical Settlements and then Life Settlements, the latter managing non-terminally sick insureds. Quite a few condition statutes regulating this location are generically known as Viatical Settlement statute, though they contain the regulation relating to what exactly are technically Existence Settlements. This kind of statutes like the recent one in New york, may have initially coated true Viatical Settlement instances, and then later on had been either amended or in any other case changed to incorporate Daily life Settlement situations.

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Clothing Brand Iron Fist Selects Strawberrysoup to Design and Develop Their New UK Website

The UK distributors of clothing and footwear brand Iron Fist have selected South Coast web and design consultants Strawberrysoup to create and develop the next phase of their online marketing strategy.

Devised by two friends in San Diego in 2001, whose first outlet was the boot of one of their cars, Iron Fist is the hottest brand to hit the young fashion industry, with global distribution and retailers in nearly every major city in the wo fashion coats rld. The Iron Fist range of clothing and footwear is rich in design for men and women that want something that is different.

With astounding artwork inspired by underground street artists, Iron Fist's raw impulsive designs - featuring a mixture of bright colours, glam rock, animal motifs and strong prints - have wowed their audience into submission. The brand is regularly featured in the most popular magazines, and is worn by celebrities such as Jack Osborne, Emelda May, Taylor Swift, Katie Price, Avril Lavigne and My Chemical Romance to name a few.

The new website will introduce elements of interactivity and e-commerce to service and engage with the distributors' B2B and B2C markets, as well as showcasing the company's distinctive range. With consumers and retailers increasingly wanting to find their products by searching online, Iron Fist have identified an opportunity to make them more widely available and build an even stronger brand identity within the fashion industry.

Neil Dennis Business Development Director, Strawberrysoup said, "We are excited and flattered to be entrusted with the online face of Iron Fist for the UK. The project brings together our two core strengths of design innovation and online marketing expertise, plus the challenge of delivering measurable returns in the competitive marketplace of fashion."

Chris Sheath, Finance Director of Iron Fist said, "Having completed a thorough selection process, Iron Fist selected Strawberrysoup because of their proven ability to deliver creative, commercial and robust e-commerce solutions".

He added that the Iron Fist management team felt very confident that the company would have a strong long-term relationship with Strawberrysoup to create an online experience that will deliver enormous benefits to its growing customer base.

The new Iron Fist website will launch in August 2011.

About Strawberrysoup

Strawberrysoup is an ideas-led full service agency with offices in Bournemouth, Chichester and London. Established 2005 -

A day in the life of Strawberrysoup -

Contact: Neil Dennis Business Development Director

Bournemouth Studio
The Enterprise Pavilion Fern Barrow Bournemouth Dorset BH12 5HH +44 1202 853 718 bournemouth(at)strawberrysoup(dot)co(dot)uk

Chichester Studio
The Signal Box Guildford Close Southbourne West Sussex PO10 8LW +44 1243 373 444 chichester(at)strawberrysoup(dot)co(dot)uk

London Office
Lasenby House 32 Kingly Street Carnaby Street London W1B 5QQ +44 20 7193 5446 london(at)strawberrysoup(dot)co(dot)uk


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Medals of America Helps Celebrate Our Military Veterans with Custom Builders

Medals of America, the veteran owned and operated premier source for military medals, patches and more, is helping to celebrate our military veterans with their custom builder for a number of military items, including military shirts. With Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day right around the corner, it is important to show support and appreciation for our active troops, and war veterans.

Every active military personnel and military veteran has something in common. They were all dedicated to serving our grateful nation. However, they all come from different backgrounds, with different stories, military involvement and war experiences. Because of the different histories of each military personnel, each deserves to be uniquely recognized. A custom builder allows custom military gear to be designed to honor those who have served. Whether a custom rack builder, or a custom t-shirt builder, or anything in between, Medals of America can help design something that is individualized, unique and proud, just like the veteran or military supporter who will wear it. From a custom military t-shirts, custom embroidered hats, custom glasses and more, there is something for every veteran.

"Our military veterans and active personnel have done, and continue to do, invaluable things for our grateful nation," said Lee Foster, COO, Medals of America. "While there are days throughout the year dedicated to honoring our veterans, we still need to take the time and offer our gratitude. Medals of America can help honor our veterans with the use of a custom builder to design something that symbolizes the duty and honor served by our military personnel, but also shows our appreciation."

For more than 35 years, Medals of America has been dedicated to providing our veterans with military medals, military ribbons, military patches and more, for them to display proudly. This mission never changes, and only continues to grow stronger, so when there is an opportunity to honor those who have served our great nation, Medals of America is there to help. Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day are coming up later this month, May 21, 2011 and May 30, 2011, and are both great opportunities to honor the great men and women who have served our country.

Contact Medals of America today, and we can help get started with one of our custom builders.

About Medals of America
Medals of America is your premier source for Military Medals, Badges, Military Hats, Patches, Rank, Rates and Insignia, as well as Custom Embroidered Clothing. We're also proud to offer our exclusive Ribbon Rack Builder, Military Medals Builder and Custom Display Case Builder.

Veteran owned and operated over 35 years! Our mission is simple - we want every Veteran and Service person to display the Medals our women's jackets grateful Nation awarded them. Anything we can do to have all the great Americans who served their country in the Military Forces display their award will enrich future generations by these symbols of Duty, Honor and Country.


Thursday, December 6, 2012 Launches French Website On-line (, the French on-line store of the Udreamy Corp., has officially launched. It is dedicated to providing customers the best services. provides a large selection of costume products. Here, you can buy Zentai suits, cosplay costumes, sexy costumes, sexy lingerie, Lolita clothing, and fetish fashion and mascot costumes. These costumes have different styles and colors; they can meet customers' various demands.

On, Zentai suits and cosplay costumes are the customers' most favorites. Zentai suits include animal prints zentai suits, camouflage, flag prints, Spiderman, unicolor and multi-color etc.; cosplay costumes contains Naruto, Bleach, Vocloid costumes. These costumes are totally affordable for many buyers; the price range is from less than $20 to more than $130. Besides cheap prices, compared to other online stores, offers high quality products to customers. Its products are designed by professionals and customized for customers. So the uniqueness is guaranteed, costumes, brought from would be special and unique. Zentai suits can be worn on every occasion, and cosplay costumes can be used at Christmas or on the New Year. also offers a large selection of sexy lingerie for women. Women can wear them at summer nights or just for special occasions; and women in them would be stunning, attractive and sexy. In addition, mascots can be bought from it. There are over 200 characters; you can always find your favorite one, from famous movies to beloved tales. Among these characters Jack Black, panda and bunny are most welcomed, and mascots for Christmas and Halloween are the best-sellers in this collection.

The launch of is significant. It provides French customers another choice to shop the best products at the lowest prices online. Its products are always ahead of trend, so customers can always keep up with the fashion. Udr women's jackets has a great team, with their earnest and innovative efforts, shopping on it can be fun, and customers can always find their favorites. is the French online costume store of the Udreamy Corp., and there are other two English stores for costumes and wedding ( and ( ), a week later, the German online costume store will be launched; with these stores, all of the world will enjoy the services the Udreamy Corp. provides.

About Udreamy Network Corporation

The Udreamy Network Corporation is one of the leading on-line providers of discounted apparel for fashionable people worldwide. Udreamy supplies wedding dresses, Zentai suits, Cosplay costumes, lingerie and formal wear; and it offers customer-made service to all costumes in its on-line stores. Customers choose Udreamy because of their dedication to fast delivery, professional service and quality products as they promise since its inception.


Zappos Announces Hot Trends in Women’s Pants, the online leader in apparel and shoes for men, women and kids, announces hot trends for fall's freshest looks in women's pants.

The flared jean is back, along with lots of other hippie-boho looks from the '60s. Lighter washes look retro when paired with breezy, flowy tank tops or cardigans. Flared jeans veer in a mod women's coats online ern direction when a darker wash is combined with a more structured top.

White jeans, that '80s staple, have been showing up again, but in slim matchstick silhouettes. Decidedly more 2011 than 1981, white jeans and pants are the perfect early fall wardrobe piece. They dress up easily, especially with a black top and serious accessories. Colorful peasant tops, nautical looks or even simple tank tops make white jeans just right for an afternoon of shopping and lunch. White jeans in cropped styles capitalize on the popularity of two trends and are a classic seasonal look.

Falling somewhere between jeans and shorts, cropped pants are this season's essential. Cargo styles are convenient and stylish. Crops in olive drab are the perfect neutral, as the military look is still hanging on. Mix the olive cropped pant with a feminine top and a statement bag for balance.

Cropped leggings are a comfortable, easy look: the essence of the fall. Add a knit top or short dress for a simple, around-town outfit. Jeans and chinos in cropped styles, from ankle length to below the knee, are perfect for cooler days and are comfortable for travel.

Zappos stylists offer expert advice in pairing tops, pants and accessories to create effortlessly stylish looks for any event. Find the right look for all summer occasions at Zappos.


Established in 1999,, operated by Zappos Development, has quickly become the leading destination in online apparel and footwear sales by striving to provide shoppers with the best possible service and selection. The Zappos Family generates gross merchandise sales exceeding $1 billion annually. currently showcases millions of products from over 1000 clothing and shoe brands., Inc. was recognized in 2009, 2010 and 2011 by FORTUNE MAGAZINE as one of the "100 BEST COMPANIES TO WORK FOR". is also proud to be rated ELITE by STELLAService and was named a J.D. Power 2011 Customer Service Champion, one of only 40 companies so named in the U.S. More information about the customer service philosophy, unique culture, and job openings can be found at More information about Zappos Insights, and its business membership program can be found at


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Style as this can lower the crispiness concerning the meals

Other than that, jute is seriously utilized in generating carpets plus rugs considering the fact that olden instances. Jute, as a consequence of its longevity is very used in creating and also production furniture. Chairs, sofas not to mention sitting down equipment are coated with jute mats with sensitive styles.

To be truthful, possibly it has introduced out the worst in you at the same time on more than one event. It can be no surprise, as becoming out inside the last-minute with a wish-list you had to staple collectively not to mention drive around . (go through more). Gucci introduces items which have been beloved from the most iconic figures concerning time and additionally turns into recognized for creating eternal patterns. The printed Flora silk scarf is created for Grace Kelly. The Gucci shoulder bag is worn by Jackie Kennedy, these days it is referred to as the Jackie O.

Fendi Business enterprise now has about 160 significant end outlets in 25 nations globally. The designer stores this sort of as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom all supply a large choice of Fendi forms. The designer briefcases are within a massive array associated with colors and sorts so an individual can on no account have a great deal concerning.

Use them as linens for your garden - When you are undertaking some gardening perform, you often really need to use some linen for your vegetation. It is possible to make use of the handbags sale to substitute them. That is all right if burlap coffee bags get stains since it is possible to constantly utilize it to produce compost later on.

And that stuff can be moist or dry it doesn't issue as these bags are h2o proof together with spill proof. We can retain items like gel, cream, face wash, towel, and things that we require for make up in this bag. Journey Toiletry bag would be the only bag which we are able to retain it with us like a hand bag together with we can preserve it with us though touring by an plane.

Before you spend the money, you really should be certain if the purse is actually manufactured by the coampany Coach. You may will need some time and additionally some information and facts to spot faux coach purses. It might consider you substantially time and energy. If you go to some Cambridge satchels convention, between the pretty 1st components you do is seem for that freebies. if you appear about, you normally see the massive quantities associated with clean new seeking convention give-a-ways that take place to become plastered with a lot of unique logos. whenever you'll be able to be the group which is what ever you desire to see.

The problem for organizations is tips on how to style provide this sort of encounter in order that it functions each working day across each and every touch-point. The larger the firm the harder it really is. That what brands are for, to generate you distinct from other entities".

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The NAPW Minneapolis Local Chapter Met for a Networking Event in October upon the Grand Duchess Cruise Ship

The Minneapolis NAPW Chapter met for a general meeting and dinner aboard the Grand Duchess cruise ship operated by the Afton House Historic Inn and Cru women's coats ise Line. Dinner, dancing and specialty cruises leave from Afton, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin, during the spring, summer and fall.

Sabra Brown, President of the Minneapolis Chapter, kicked off the meeting by welcoming attendees and encouraging members to introduce themselves.

Members in attendance included Sabra Brown, Chapter President and Chief of Public Affairs for the 934th Airlift Wing. Her unit is the only Air Force Reserve wing in the state and is host to approximately 5,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Reservists as well as Air National Guard. She joined NAPW to learn more about professional women in the local community.

Sue Manning is a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Sue was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. She started her business to help people create personalized "roadmaps to health" based on their individual needs.

"The chapter meets close to my home and it was a good opportunity to meet other professional women that are nearby," Sue said.

Guests in attendance included Terri Rea, a guest of Sabra Brown, is an independent business owner of Simply You jewelry. She attended because she would like to join NAPW and wanted to get to know other NAPW members. Terri passed out goodie bags and showed some of her merchandise to NAPW members.

Current business was the first item on the Agenda. Sabra described the networking and continuing education opportunities offered on and passed out a list of seminars offered by Star 12 in the upcoming months in the Twin Cities area. She also discussed the various member benefits of being a part of NAPW. The Minneapolis chapter's events are now listed on to better track RSVPs and attendance. Members were encouraged to use this site to sign up for meetings.

Sabra also discussed upcoming business including the Walk to End Hunger, Nov. 24 at MoA -- NAPW Minneapolis will have a team. More information will be posted on the NAPW Minneapolis website. The chapter will also collect clothing for Dress For Success at the next meeting. The next meeting will be held at Bloomington at Chez Collette (inside the Sofitel) from 7:30-9 a.m.

Sabra Brown thanked everyone for attending and encouraged women to bring a friend to the next meeting.

For additional information regarding the NAPW Minneapolis Local Chapter and/or [NAPW please visit

Follow NAPW on Facebook and Twitter.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

REI Sets Up Camp in New York with SoHo Location

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.), a national retailer providing quality outdoor gear and clothing, will hold the grand opening of REI SoHo, its first location in New York City, in the Puck Building on December 2 through 4.

The 35,000 square-foot store will outfit customers with the top brands of outdoor gear and apparel on three levels, including its exclusive award-winning REI brand and Novara bike products. Upon opening, the main floor will feature camping, climbing, cycling, snow sports and travel products, while men's, women's and kid's clothing and footwear will be housed on the cellar level.

"Our first store in New York City is the keystone for our six Tri-State locations working together to outfit the abundance of outdoor enthusiasts and visitors in the greater New York City area," said Tim Spangler, REI's senior vice president of Retail. "As one of our most extensive restoration projects to date, REI SoHo provides a unique opportunity to blend our nearly 75-year history with the iconic legacy of the Puck Building."

REI partnered with Callison, a global architecture and design firm, to incorporate elements of the natural world and historical items that were reclaimed from the Puck Building into the retail space. Significant design elements include:

  • The building's brick walls and ceilings, and steel columns were exposed to honor the original structure as it appeared in the late 1890's
  • A central stairwell connects the main floor with two sub-grade shopping levels, open to the public for the first time
  • Wood from the original construction was repurposed into the store's cashier counters and canopies, display tables, chair railings, mirrors, wall coverings, signage and more
  • Two focal chandeliers were refurbished by partnering with local artist Robert Odgen
  • Two 14-foot flywheels from the building's original steam power plant are showcased on the cellar level near historical walls featuring REI's founders, Lloyd and Mary Anderson, and the Puck Building heritage
  • Approximately 30 original stone printing tablets discovered during construction and dating back to the early 1900's are displayed near the cellar level cashier area
  • Display tables throughout the store incorporate additional historic items found in the Puck Building, including stairs, fans and steel from the original steam power plant

The Puck Building, the original home of Puck magazine and J. Ottman Lithographic Company, is one of the great surviving buildings of New York's old printing and publishing district dating back to the 19th century. The building was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1983. During the construction process, REI worked closely with a historian and experts at the Smithsonian to learn about the building's historical objects and their future care.

REI SoHo will house bike and ski shop services on two levels—a quick stop on the main floor and full shop on the sub-cellar level. A rental department will offer seasonal gear fo women's coats r New Yorkers to try outdoor activities. The store's community space will allow REI and its local nonprofit partners to host outdoor classes, presentations and events.

"Our SoHo store brings the outdoor expertise that our customers expect from REI directly to New York consumers," said Les Hatton, REI SoHo store manager. "From the bike and ski stop on the main level to home delivery services, REI is making it easier for these urban adventurers to enjoy the outdoors."

In addition to hosting in-store classes through its community room, REI offers outdoor classes and trips through REI Outdoor School and REI Adventures. Participants can sign up for day or multi-day adventures that take place in regional outdoor locations with REI instructors who teach a variety of activities, from learning how to snowshoe to navigating with a GPS device. Paddling courses will be available in the spring.

In each of its communities, the company partners with local nonprofits that work to preserve natural spaces through activities such as gear donations, financial contributions and event promotions. In the past 12 months, REI donated more than $300,000 to organizations restoring or maintaining outdoor areas in the Tri-State area, including the Bronx River Alliance, Central Park Conservancy, Friends of the High Line, Prospect Park Alliance and New York Restoration Project. Last month, REI SoHo employees also volunteered in each of New York City's five boroughs.

With 2010 sales of $1.66 billion, REI is the nation's largest consumer cooperative. While anyone may shop at REI, members pay a one-time $20 fee and receive a share in the company's profits through an annual member refund based on their purchases. Earlier this year, $94.3 million in annual refunds was distributed to more than 4.4 million active members based on the co-op's 2010 sales.

REI currently operates 122 retail stores and two online stores, and The company hired approximately 150 employees for the new SoHo store, who took part in REI's comprehensive training program. For 14 consecutive years, the company has been recognized by FORTUNE magazine as one of "100 Best Companies to Work for in America."

About REI
REI is a national outdoor retail co-op dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship. Founded in 1938 by a group of Pacific Northwest mountaineers seeking quality equipment, REI is committed to promoting environmental stewardship and increasing access to outdoor recreation through volunteerism, gear donations and financial contributions.

# # #

Woman Within® launches WW Active

Woman Within?, a plus size women's fashion brand in the portfolio of Redcats USA's OneStopPlus Group, announced today the launch of WW Active, a product line that empowers plus size women to live healthy and active lifestyles.

WW Active was created to provide plus size women specially designed apparel, accessories, exercise and home equipment for activities such as: cycling, workouts at the gym, spa treatments, swimming, walking, running, yoga and pilates.

"A large segment of the 62 percent of U.S. women considered plus-size are living an active lifestyle, yet they have difficulty finding the right clothing to wear for exercising and participating in physical activities," said Neil Mulhall, Sr. Vice President/General Brand Manager for Woman Within?. "Our talented in-house design team developed WW Active based on decades of plus size expertise and a strong understanding of designing comfortable products for active women."

The new product line features top selling items including: tops, bottoms, tees, jackets, intimates, swimwear and outerwear in sizes ranging from M to 6X. The WW Active collection is designed to be worn as "everyday" active wear so women on-the-go can go straight from the gym to running errands without sacrificing fashion. WW Active also offers gym equipment and small appliances for the home (i.e. juicers, smoothie makers), providing a full lifestyle experience.

"Active inspired clothing is a key trend that serves today's dynamic woman. It allows her to be versatile and stylish throughout her different activities without having to constantly change outfits. This curated collection specifically designed for the plus-size woman offers the ease of movement, and the versatility of function, while looking great!" said Zahir Babvani, Vice President of Design, OneStopPlus Group.

To further promote the importance of good health, WW Active has created an online community for the active plus size woman – This lifestyle blog shares tips on food, body wellness, beauty and a healthy outlook; women's jackets online it also encourages plus size women to interact with each other and share personal insights about how they are living a healthy and active lifestyle.

To place an order, go to or call 800-248-2000 anytime 24/7. Customers looking for extra savings can get 20% off on WW Active orders by using coupon code WWActive20 (expires 2/28/12 - 20% off ENTIRE order, excluding clearance). You can also find WW Active on the web's only plus size shopping mall at

Other websites in the OneStopPlus portfolio include:,,,,, and

For additional information, please visit:, or connect via Woman Within?'s Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Redcats USA
Redcats USA is a dynamic, web-driven home-shopping leader with numerous successful brands and specialized e-commerce sites in its portfolio:, AVENUE?, Woman Within?, Jessica London?, Roaman's?,, KingSize?, BrylaneHome?, Bargain Catalog Outlet – BCO?, The Sportsman's Guide? , Bargain Outfitters?, Boating Savings?, Work Wear Savings?, - The Golf Warehouse?, Baseball Savings?, Softball Savings? and Soccer Savings?. Redcats USA offers a wide range of value and quality driven merchandise categories, including men's and women's plus-size apparel, home and lifestyle products, and sporting goods/outdoor gear. Redcats USA is a Redcats company.

About Redcats
Redcats is a leading worldwide online retailer for fashion and home furnishings. The group gathers 17 European and US based brands in 31 countries: Avenue?, Woman Within?, Jessica London?, Roaman's?, KingSize?, BrylaneHome?,, The Sportsman's Guide?, The Golf Warehouse?, Ellos, La Redoute, Vertbaudet, Cyrillus, Somewhere, Daxon, Stella McCartney Kids and Castaluna. In 2010, Redcats generated 3.436 billion euros of sales including 54% on Internet and employs over 14,000 associates. Redcats distribution network combines more than 70 e-commerce sites, nearly 600 stores and around 30 catalogues for 26 million active customers. Redcats is a PPR Company. For any further information:

Contact Information
Karen Davis
Corporate PR & Communications
Redcats USA


Win £1000 of personal styling and shopping advice from Michaela Jedinak stylist and founder of Joy of Clothes.

Win ?1000 voucher to spend on personal styling and shopping advice from Michaela Jedinak. ( ?350 online style advice and 1/2 day personal shopping in London or ?1000 online style advice to include style consultation and online personal shopping recommendations. The winner will receive fashion tips on how to look their best everyday together with style advice on what to wear for their body shape, eye,hair and skin colour.

Entry to the competition is through liking us on Facebook or signing up to Joy of Clothes newsletter or creating and sharing look on Joy of Clothes Style Me. Each look created and visible on users profile on the site at the closing date will generate an entry.

The new "Style Me "channel is the first step to create a model and look. A series of step by step questions, simply illustrated, allows women to create their own avatar based on a set of seven body shapes and their own unique combination of eye, hair and skin colouring. They can then create, share and buy looks from over 3,000 clothes and accessories in over 100 different colours.

The competition closes at 7pm (London time) on 31st March 2012. At the close of the competition Joy of Clothes will draw at random one winner from all valid entries received. The prize will be given to a randomly selected entrant and cannot be transferred to another person. The prize may not be redeemed for cash.The winner will be notified by email within 24 hours of the draw taking place. Entrants must be over 18. Further te fashion coats online rms and conditions apply.


Joy of Clothes. Discover and buy the clothes that flatter your body shape,eye,hair and skin colour. Stylist advice on how to look your best. Create your model to see what to wear for your body shape .Buy womens clothes from all the top shops and designers.

Joy of Clothes was founded by Michaela Jedinak and David Lethbridge

Michaela Jedinak has a unique range of experience from the fashion, media and design industry in London, New York, Milan and Prague. As MD of Cosmopolitan Prague, she developed her passion for colour and style, before going on to set up her highly successful colour and style consultancy. More details at

Michaela Jedinak michaela(at)joyofclothes(dot)com Mobile: 0044 780 313 9755

David Lethbridge has a consumer marketing background followed by over 20 years new media experience. David was co-founder and CEO Confetti , one of the first wave of consumer internet businesses in the UK . Developed Confetti into a profitable multi-channel business including stores, catalogues and Confetti branded products and books.

David Lethbridge david(at)joyofclothes(dot)com Mobile: 0044 795 736 2133

Georgina Martin PR Consultant g(at)georginamartin(dot)net Mobile: 0044 798 647 2967


Monday, December 3, 2012

These specialized bags are accessible beneath the everlast model and additionally come in distinct colors like yellow

This involves a single driver, one iron, a single putter, plus a Snoopy bag. This established is intended for young children aged two to four. La Jolla makes a Snoopy set for youngsters aged 4 to six as well. It features a good deal relating to space for organization logo and also advertising slogan. Advertising messenger bag features a roomy enough for companies outside print their logo together with slogan with it. The largest area, the much better, because it will likely be extremely apparent, even from afar.

Had been individuals in your X-Men whole globe get such a great deal of panel occasion or maybe even any kind of dialogue. For your children it truly is necessary that show secures his or her's dynamics fast. In your X-Men sequel the character Collosus generally seems to possess a specific lines and however he might be judged out of your partner's methods.

Do not choose sleeping bags with down fill since it loses considerably about its insulating capacity when moist. Pick mild down sleeping bags only for anyone who is traveling southwest where the conditions are desert dry. Pick those with artificial fill for moist conditions.

The Frieghtliner Chassis with A G handbag suspension delivers a smooth experience not to mention superb dealing with characteristics. This A G handbag suspension kit tends to make your vehicle's suspension adjustable for many road and also load situations. Purchase your air bag suspension package these days! The walking-beam suspension leads to much more vibrant load variation compared to the air-bag plus leaf-spring suspension.

Vacuum cleaner bags are just one part regarding the substantial selection related with the lots of vacuum cleaner add-ons that happen to be supplied by FiltaMAGIC. No matter if you'll need a vacuum cleaner filters, vacuum cleaner belts, ground resources or hoses you will discover them to the website. Like the bags, these vacuum cleaner equipment include all key brands like Miele, Electrolux, Hoover, Dyson or Proaction.

Speaking of your midsection, it must be much less than 40 inches for males and less than 35 inches for females. And Homer, your waist will not be way down there beneath your stomach exactly where you wear your belt. No, your waistline may be the component regarding the body that enters the doorway very first once you head into a room.

The procedure took a bit over 3 hours from begin to finish. I shampooed my hair 2 times with Elixir Deep Cleanser Purifying Shampoo to strip all the grime and also build-up from my hair, and also then frivolously towel dried my hair not to mention then combed it out. I then utilized the Brazilian Keratin Blow Out to my hair with a brush provided, a lot like a standard 8″ brush for implementing hair colour.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Triple Help, Times Two: Two Single Mothers, Each With Triplets, Receive Grants

Seven years ago, Meirav Altmark, a Los Angeles resident, got wonderful news – she was pregnant with triplets. Life was wonderful and Meirav delivered three premature, but beautiful, babies.

The father left before they were born. The children were not well, and their care became Meirav's priority. Because of her time commitments at home, Meirav had to quit her job. Financial hardship followed.

Because of Meirav's dedication, all three children are now healthy. Meirav found time to look for work but one thing was holding her back – her lack of transportation.
It was a struggle to get the children to school. Tasks such as doctor appointments and grocery shopping were difficult. A way to get around would allow Meirav to work again.
In Hollywood, a similar story was playing out for Sabrina Phillips. Sabrina was pregnant with triplets. Because she was a "high-risk pregnancy," the doctor ordered her not to work. The babies' father left and Sabrina found herself a single parent to three newborns. With women's coats no one there to help, Sabrina had to stay home.

Sabrina moved to Sacramento where she and her babies struggled. They were healthy, but money was tight. She hadn't worked in four years.
"I didn't have money for childcare. It seemed like I couldn't get ahead," Sabrina said.

The situations were referred to Phillips Charitable Organization and both women received grants from Charles Phillips and PCO.

"The grant was a great blessing," Sabrina said. "It allowed me to focus on getting back into the work force. I eliminated debt, got my finances in order, and was able to pay for the children's dental care, food and clothes. This grant was a life saver."

In Meirav's case, Phillips Charitable Organization joined forces with Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA). Together, the organizations were able to provide a mini-van, insurance and gas for the family.

"These two strong women have the enormous responsibility of raising triplets alone. PCO is pleased that Meirav and Sabrina are now on a positive track to reach their family and career goals" said Young Hug, Board Member, PCO.

After two years of operation, Phillips Charitable Organization's grants have helped many families in financial crises. PCO specifically helps single parents, engineering students, and military veterans – three constituencies dear to Charles Phillips and the board members.

Two major operating principles of PCO are to (1) evaluate and decide on grants quickly, normally within 48 hours, to help people with urgent challenges and (2) expend 100% of foundation funds on helping people in need and nothing on administrative overhead which is funded by the board itself. PCO was founded by four lifelong friends including its president, Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor.

To donate or for more information, contact Philips Charitable Organizations: 888 838-1077, info(at)phillipscharitable(dot)org

DownEast Basics Showcases Best New Fashion Trends In its Summer 2012 Collection

DownEast Basics, a high-style, low-price retailer that specializes in trendy fashions as well as modest clothing, is helping shoppers make the most of warm weather with its Summer 2012 collection that showcases some of the season's very best fashion trends. With new styles for women, teens and girls, women's jackets the DownEast brand delivers high-end looks at always-affordable prices.

"I had so much fun designing our Summer 2012 collection with styles that are exciting, fresh and very on-trend," said DownEast's head clothing designer Andrea Updike. "We're offering the boldest new colors and design details you see on runways and in high-end boutiques – but without the high prices that go along with them. This season, color your summer 'fun' with our sunny yellows, blues, corals, pretty pastels and playful, retro mix-and-match prints."

The DownEast "Basics" concept continues to be well-priced, wardrobe-building essentials combined with favorite new trends that can be easily layered and mixed for versatility and a put-together look. In summer, these looks can take you from the beach or other outdoor activities right into evening.

Updike talks about how to incorporate some of the summer's hottest fashion trends that are in DownEast Basics' Summer 2012 collection:

  •     Big Color: "Now is not the time to be intimidated by color! Face your color fears by pairing almost any bright shades together, including neon. And don't forget about the PANTONE? Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango. Find your key pieces for summer in this shade. I suggest DownEast's Lightly Layered Tee belted, tucked or worn straight with some colored denims. If you're still feeling color shy, try brights with neutrals."
  •     Stripes on Stripes: "Mix and match your stripes – any color, any direction works! Forget the idea that stripes are not flattering. Believe it or not, stripes can do just the opposite and flatter any figure when styled right. Keep body proportions in check by creating a narrow waistline. To get your stripe on, try our Long Love Maxi Skirt that can be worn as a skirt or dress, our Card Catalog Cardi, Word Up Top or West Indies Top."
  •     Tonal Time: "With the brilliant brights of the season, play with pairing different shades of the same color. Combining four shades of blue keeps your look unexpectedly cool. You can do this with our Tea Cup Top, Betty Cardi, Wonder Cami and Anchor Skirt."
  •     Pretty Pastels: "Everyone from Versace to Vuitton paired pastels in their spring and summer collections and you can, too! Check out our Lacey Afternoon Dress and Worlds Apart Blouse. Such a pretty silhouette for a pretty little price."
  •     Retro & Vintage Swimwear: Keep it classy this season with your swimwear. Mix the season's bright hues with trendy vintage silhouettes. Nothing captures that more than our vintage-inspired swim pieces like our Sausalito Halter and French Indies Bikini, our Retro Revival Suit and Silver Screen Suit."

This season, for the first time DownEast Swim's popular mix-and-match options and designs to complement every body type are joined by an adorable new swimwear collection for girls.

All DownEast styles mentioned are available online at or your local DownEast store.

About DownEast Basics

DownEast Basics ( offers high-design looks on a bargain basement budget for today's cost-conscious yet fashionable consumer. The DownEast Basics clothing line features smart layering pieces and wardrobe enhancing garments so you can embrace the American classic look with your own sense of style.

Shop for cute tops, womens sweaters, modest dresses and accessories at

The fast-growing retailer operates nationally with its Basics line via its online store in addition to 47 locations throughout the West including in Utah, Colorado, California, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Nevada and Wyoming.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

All the Colours of the Rainbow: Summer’s Most Colourful Shoes

If there is one thing almost every trend has in common this summer it's colour. From pastel shades of vanilla, lemon, mint, lilac and dusty pink to neon hues of fuchsia, canary yellow, coral and emerald green and retro colours like mustard, burnt orange and cobalt blue the season is a rainbow of colour oozing with vibrancy and vividness. Colour extends from head – including hats and headscarves – to toe, with all kinds of summery womens shoes to choose from. New Look has an almost endless collection of shoes, including heels, wedges, flats and pumps this season and it is full of advice and style tips on how to wear its latest styles.

Pretty fashion jackets online pastel shades come together in harmony in New Look's Pastel Snake Print Platform Wedge Heels, ?24.99. Right from the delicate yellow toe straps and sole edging and mint coloured ankle strap with cute gold buckle to the snake print detailing these wedges are summer's hottest shoes. New Look advises you to wear these pastel wedges with a pleated silk midi skirt, skinny belt, cotton cami and retro sunglasses.

As an ode to the late eighties and early nineties, fashion has adopted vivid neon shades, tropical floral prints, black and metallic contrasts and plenty of Latin flavour. The Tropical Printed Wedges, ?24.99 are on trend and on budget. Boasting a cork wedge heel, raffia platform, crossover front straps, buckled ankle strap and open toe these wedges are flattering and stylish. Pair these with a tropical print bodycon girls skirt, silk neon coloured blouse and plenty of kitsch, gold jewellery.

Douse your feet in colour with New Look's Colour Block Strappy Heel, ?19.99. These five-inch heels mean business with a catching colour combination of pink, green and purple stiletto heels, slim platform, crossover straps, peep toe and low ankle strap. These dramatic heels need a dramatic dress to match. New Look's online collection of Quontum dresses will do perfectly.

About New Look

New Look are award winning fashion retailers, and offer a wide choice of clothing to suit all tastes. From jackets to handbags, maternity clothes to jumpsuits, mens shoes to kidswear, New Look offers glamorous clothing at affordable prices.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ramadan 2012 Gift Guide is a One Stop Halal Shopping Site for Islamic Gifts

This year's edition of is now available just in time for Ramadan 2012. The problem of struggling to find Islamic gifts is solved thanks to the online guide available at For the second consecutive year, Eid Gift Guide makes halal shopping easy for Muslims everywhere.

Find Islamic gifts made by and for Muslims that feature strict halal permissible products appropriate for the entire family at

Ramadan, the annual Islamic holy month of fasting, began last week. At the end of the month, is a three-day event called Eid, Arabic for festival or feast. The festival brings Muslim families together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate. Many Muslims give gifts or money to their loved ones during this time. However, finding halal, permissible gifts or Islamic items in stores and online has been a difficult task, especially for those living in non-Muslim countries.

Last year, Ponn Sabra, of American Muslim Mom, decided to fill this void with the Online Eid Gift Guide ( - an annual gift guide offering a one stop halal shopping website for Islamic gifts.

Advertisers featured in the guide have a thumbnail image of their product that links to the site where the item can be purchased. Sabra who is Muslim, personally approved each of the listings to assure they are halal permissible products. She reviews all images to be sure they are kid-friendly and so parents can know it's safe for their children to spend their 'adiya, Eid money to shop online.

"I wanted to showcase halal products that are not readily available at mainstream stores," says Sabra. She uses many of the products (like the Muslim doll "Little Ponn" that was named after her) with her own family. The site has already been successful in women's jackets online connecting Muslims and advertisers. Mohammed Aaser of states, "Noor Kids partnered with last year, and we have chosen to renew for this year. has helped us improve our SEO search results and has also helped us increase sales during Ramadan! We strongly encourage the partnership!"

Featured in the guide are Islamic gifts for:

    Children - Toys, games, books, Islamic clothing, Turkish scarves and socks,
    Women - Islamic clothing, natural skincare products, Allah pendants
    Men - Islamic attire, portable bidet, digital Qur'an reading pen, iPhone app,
    The home - Eid decorations, art pieces, digital adhan clocks, and
    Friends and family overseas - Greeting cards, Eid candy wrappers, Islamic stationary.

With their shopping lists covered, Muslims will be free to focus their attention on worship during the holy month of Ramadan while being more than satisfied with the Islamic gifts they have purchased through the online Eid Gift Guide.

Note to Potential Advertisers
The online Eid Gift Guide is intended to offer economical advertising options to Muslim and Muslim-friendly entrepreneurs and small businesses during [Islamic] festivals. Advertisers are still being accepted through Eid al-Adha, the second festival in the Islamic year for Muslims (this year, it will fall in November). Ads will remain on the site year round, so the halal shopping need not be limited to just the times of Eid.

See for more info.

About the Eid Gift Guide & @PonnSabra
The Online Eid Gift Guide - Halal Shopping Made Easy was founded by Ponn Sabra, the founder and owner of the #1 ranked online community for Muslim moms in the world,American Muslim Mom.

Ponn Sabra is a highly-prolific public health official, turned best-selling author, Internet marketer and columnist. She has been featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets. Find her tips about marriage, motherhood, money, traveling, homeschooling and her free ebook "Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom" at Her other projects include, and

Thursday, November 29, 2012

An iPod Nano Pocket Watch Crowdfunding on Kickstarter is Designed and Not Just Made in China

While the face-kini is the latest strange Chinese phenomenon, there are designs emerging from China that are not strange but instead, stylish. Two such designs, PodKit Watch? + ClipClok?, are iPod nano? watch accessories currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

An American-Taiwanese industrial designer, Simon Kwan, is amongst the coming wave of independent designers and smaller brands that want to change Western consumers' perceptions of Chinese design. With the success of Apple? MacBooks?, iPhones?, and iPods?, all made in China, the quality and perception of Chinese made products is already improving. Designed in China, however, is still a novel idea, with very few Chinese brands, such as Lenovo? and Haier?, and even fewer Chinese designers making inroads into Western markets. Kwan, and others like him, is seeking to change that.

Kwan's PodKit Watch? is a modern retro mix of a classic gentlemen's pocket watch and personal electronics accessory. Inspired by the success of LunaTik?, the first Kickstarter design project to raise almost $1 million in crowdfunding, Kwan decided to also use the site to launch his own take on the iPod?-as-watch product trend. His design, however, adds some new twists. Unlike the LunaTik?, PodKit Watch? isn't worn on the wrist. It comes with two chains allowing it to be either worn on clothing and bags or as a pendant.

Indeed, Kwan hopes his design will appeal better to women, who may not wish to wear a nano wristwatch, which is somewhat ironically bulky on the wrist. Kwan's design also doesn't require tools to install or remove the nano. As with classic pocket watches, this one has a spring loaded cover that protects the nano's touchscreen display. Opening the cover also simultaneously wakes up the nano's display from its power saving sleep mode. Nano wristwatch owners need to press the nano's power button using their other hand to do the same.

The ClipClok? is an analog watch, or timepiece module as its designer refers to it, that is shaped just like a nano. It's meant to be swapped in place of the nano when owners either can't wear the nano as a watch, like on rainy days or when their nanos need recharging, or when the next generation iPod nano? is introduced, most likely featuring a new shape and size.

Kwan launched his Kickstarter project at the beginning of August, and with a little over a week remaining, has not had as much success as he had hoped in reaching his funding goal. Does this signal that the world isn't ready for Designed in China? Kwan thinks not.

He instead women's jackets online believes his campaign's slow funding is due to his lack of PR and marketing savvy. Prior to launching his campaign, Kwan didn't even have a Twitter account. He has learned quickly and is now active on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. It remains to be seen, however, if his actions now are enough for PodKit Watch? + ClipClok? to succeed.

Regardless of the outcome, Kwan says this, his first attempt at crowdfunding, has been an incredible learning experience, "My backers, friends, and family have been so supportive. I've received enough honest compliments about my designs that I feel confident if I fail this first time out, I can re-structure, re-launch, and succeed in the future. I think there are great designs waiting to come from designers in China, and crowdfunding is a fantastic way to both fund them and validate consumer interest."

About Simon:
Simon Kwan is an American-Taiwanese product designer, originally from Quincy, Massachusetts, now based in Shanghai. Over his 15 year career as, first, a mechanical engineer, and now as an industrial designer, he has developed commercially successful products both technical; such as audio systems and go-karts, and beautiful; such as luxury travel amenities, fashion bags, and home décor products. to Participate in the Worlds Largest Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

Bachelorettes will abound at Las Vegas' Worlds Largest Bachelorette party put on by Tao, Lavo and Tao Beach of which, online retailer of bridal lingerie and sexy costumes, is sponsoring from September 21 through September 23, 2012. With events like a world record attempt at the longest linked toast, a honeymoon giveaway and a $1,000 prize for the most blinged out bride, this final fling weekend in Las Vegas is sure women's jackets to be a show stopper., one of the largest online retailers of bridal lingerie and Halloween costumes is partnering up with the one of a kind weekends. Yandy is sponsoring a VIP cabana at Tao Beach on Friday, September 21, providing a few special treats for every bride and their friends in attendance of the event and is even offering a little something sassy during the Stripper 101 classes where brides and friends learn the basics of pole dancing techniques. Not only that but Yandy is also offering a $150 gift card good for anything from bridal lingerie for the bridal trousseau to bedroom costumes to spice up that first year of marriage for the "Something Blue" prize wheel for brides in attendance.

This is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience for brides to be and with so many events and activities the possibilities are endless for these women to make memories to last a lifetime with their best girlfriends. To learn more about the World's Largest Bachelorette Party visit

E-commerce is on the rise and is one of the largest online retailers of lingerie, sexy Halloween costumes, swimwear and clothing on the web. Founded in 2003, Yandy boasts more than 6,500 products always in stock at easily affordable prices. Yandy ensures that every customer will receive a safe, secure and private online shopping experience and is backed by COMODO online security and Google Checkout. Yandy is dedicated to customer service and only sells what is in stock which allows for quick, same day shipping. Offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the market, Yandy has become a leader in ecommerce. Yandy works closely with all of the manufacturers they distribute for and hand select all of the items on the Web site to ensure customers have the largest and most diverse collection to choose from. In addition, the customer service team at Yandy is unrivaled. With attentive and helpful operators, should a question or problem arise, the customer service team at Yandy is always willing and able to assist. At Yandy, every customer can Be Sexy.