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Ramadan 2012 Gift Guide is a One Stop Halal Shopping Site for Islamic Gifts

This year's edition of is now available just in time for Ramadan 2012. The problem of struggling to find Islamic gifts is solved thanks to the online guide available at For the second consecutive year, Eid Gift Guide makes halal shopping easy for Muslims everywhere.

Find Islamic gifts made by and for Muslims that feature strict halal permissible products appropriate for the entire family at

Ramadan, the annual Islamic holy month of fasting, began last week. At the end of the month, is a three-day event called Eid, Arabic for festival or feast. The festival brings Muslim families together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate. Many Muslims give gifts or money to their loved ones during this time. However, finding halal, permissible gifts or Islamic items in stores and online has been a difficult task, especially for those living in non-Muslim countries.

Last year, Ponn Sabra, of American Muslim Mom, decided to fill this void with the Online Eid Gift Guide ( - an annual gift guide offering a one stop halal shopping website for Islamic gifts.

Advertisers featured in the guide have a thumbnail image of their product that links to the site where the item can be purchased. Sabra who is Muslim, personally approved each of the listings to assure they are halal permissible products. She reviews all images to be sure they are kid-friendly and so parents can know it's safe for their children to spend their 'adiya, Eid money to shop online.

"I wanted to showcase halal products that are not readily available at mainstream stores," says Sabra. She uses many of the products (like the Muslim doll "Little Ponn" that was named after her) with her own family. The site has already been successful in women's jackets online connecting Muslims and advertisers. Mohammed Aaser of states, "Noor Kids partnered with last year, and we have chosen to renew for this year. has helped us improve our SEO search results and has also helped us increase sales during Ramadan! We strongly encourage the partnership!"

Featured in the guide are Islamic gifts for:

    Children - Toys, games, books, Islamic clothing, Turkish scarves and socks,
    Women - Islamic clothing, natural skincare products, Allah pendants
    Men - Islamic attire, portable bidet, digital Qur'an reading pen, iPhone app,
    The home - Eid decorations, art pieces, digital adhan clocks, and
    Friends and family overseas - Greeting cards, Eid candy wrappers, Islamic stationary.

With their shopping lists covered, Muslims will be free to focus their attention on worship during the holy month of Ramadan while being more than satisfied with the Islamic gifts they have purchased through the online Eid Gift Guide.

Note to Potential Advertisers
The online Eid Gift Guide is intended to offer economical advertising options to Muslim and Muslim-friendly entrepreneurs and small businesses during [Islamic] festivals. Advertisers are still being accepted through Eid al-Adha, the second festival in the Islamic year for Muslims (this year, it will fall in November). Ads will remain on the site year round, so the halal shopping need not be limited to just the times of Eid.

See for more info.

About the Eid Gift Guide & @PonnSabra
The Online Eid Gift Guide - Halal Shopping Made Easy was founded by Ponn Sabra, the founder and owner of the #1 ranked online community for Muslim moms in the world,American Muslim Mom.

Ponn Sabra is a highly-prolific public health official, turned best-selling author, Internet marketer and columnist. She has been featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets. Find her tips about marriage, motherhood, money, traveling, homeschooling and her free ebook "Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom" at Her other projects include, and

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An iPod Nano Pocket Watch Crowdfunding on Kickstarter is Designed and Not Just Made in China

While the face-kini is the latest strange Chinese phenomenon, there are designs emerging from China that are not strange but instead, stylish. Two such designs, PodKit Watch? + ClipClok?, are iPod nano? watch accessories currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

An American-Taiwanese industrial designer, Simon Kwan, is amongst the coming wave of independent designers and smaller brands that want to change Western consumers' perceptions of Chinese design. With the success of Apple? MacBooks?, iPhones?, and iPods?, all made in China, the quality and perception of Chinese made products is already improving. Designed in China, however, is still a novel idea, with very few Chinese brands, such as Lenovo? and Haier?, and even fewer Chinese designers making inroads into Western markets. Kwan, and others like him, is seeking to change that.

Kwan's PodKit Watch? is a modern retro mix of a classic gentlemen's pocket watch and personal electronics accessory. Inspired by the success of LunaTik?, the first Kickstarter design project to raise almost $1 million in crowdfunding, Kwan decided to also use the site to launch his own take on the iPod?-as-watch product trend. His design, however, adds some new twists. Unlike the LunaTik?, PodKit Watch? isn't worn on the wrist. It comes with two chains allowing it to be either worn on clothing and bags or as a pendant.

Indeed, Kwan hopes his design will appeal better to women, who may not wish to wear a nano wristwatch, which is somewhat ironically bulky on the wrist. Kwan's design also doesn't require tools to install or remove the nano. As with classic pocket watches, this one has a spring loaded cover that protects the nano's touchscreen display. Opening the cover also simultaneously wakes up the nano's display from its power saving sleep mode. Nano wristwatch owners need to press the nano's power button using their other hand to do the same.

The ClipClok? is an analog watch, or timepiece module as its designer refers to it, that is shaped just like a nano. It's meant to be swapped in place of the nano when owners either can't wear the nano as a watch, like on rainy days or when their nanos need recharging, or when the next generation iPod nano? is introduced, most likely featuring a new shape and size.

Kwan launched his Kickstarter project at the beginning of August, and with a little over a week remaining, has not had as much success as he had hoped in reaching his funding goal. Does this signal that the world isn't ready for Designed in China? Kwan thinks not.

He instead women's jackets online believes his campaign's slow funding is due to his lack of PR and marketing savvy. Prior to launching his campaign, Kwan didn't even have a Twitter account. He has learned quickly and is now active on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. It remains to be seen, however, if his actions now are enough for PodKit Watch? + ClipClok? to succeed.

Regardless of the outcome, Kwan says this, his first attempt at crowdfunding, has been an incredible learning experience, "My backers, friends, and family have been so supportive. I've received enough honest compliments about my designs that I feel confident if I fail this first time out, I can re-structure, re-launch, and succeed in the future. I think there are great designs waiting to come from designers in China, and crowdfunding is a fantastic way to both fund them and validate consumer interest."

About Simon:
Simon Kwan is an American-Taiwanese product designer, originally from Quincy, Massachusetts, now based in Shanghai. Over his 15 year career as, first, a mechanical engineer, and now as an industrial designer, he has developed commercially successful products both technical; such as audio systems and go-karts, and beautiful; such as luxury travel amenities, fashion bags, and home d├ęcor products. to Participate in the Worlds Largest Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

Bachelorettes will abound at Las Vegas' Worlds Largest Bachelorette party put on by Tao, Lavo and Tao Beach of which, online retailer of bridal lingerie and sexy costumes, is sponsoring from September 21 through September 23, 2012. With events like a world record attempt at the longest linked toast, a honeymoon giveaway and a $1,000 prize for the most blinged out bride, this final fling weekend in Las Vegas is sure women's jackets to be a show stopper., one of the largest online retailers of bridal lingerie and Halloween costumes is partnering up with the one of a kind weekends. Yandy is sponsoring a VIP cabana at Tao Beach on Friday, September 21, providing a few special treats for every bride and their friends in attendance of the event and is even offering a little something sassy during the Stripper 101 classes where brides and friends learn the basics of pole dancing techniques. Not only that but Yandy is also offering a $150 gift card good for anything from bridal lingerie for the bridal trousseau to bedroom costumes to spice up that first year of marriage for the "Something Blue" prize wheel for brides in attendance.

This is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience for brides to be and with so many events and activities the possibilities are endless for these women to make memories to last a lifetime with their best girlfriends. To learn more about the World's Largest Bachelorette Party visit

E-commerce is on the rise and is one of the largest online retailers of lingerie, sexy Halloween costumes, swimwear and clothing on the web. Founded in 2003, Yandy boasts more than 6,500 products always in stock at easily affordable prices. Yandy ensures that every customer will receive a safe, secure and private online shopping experience and is backed by COMODO online security and Google Checkout. Yandy is dedicated to customer service and only sells what is in stock which allows for quick, same day shipping. Offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the market, Yandy has become a leader in ecommerce. Yandy works closely with all of the manufacturers they distribute for and hand select all of the items on the Web site to ensure customers have the largest and most diverse collection to choose from. In addition, the customer service team at Yandy is unrivaled. With attentive and helpful operators, should a question or problem arise, the customer service team at Yandy is always willing and able to assist. At Yandy, every customer can Be Sexy.

### Customers Long to Be the Queen of the Nile in Sexy Cleopatra Costumes This Halloween

With infamous seductive capabilities and a liking for men in power, it is no wonder that women are seeking out sexy Cleopatra costumes this Halloween season at, online retailer of sexy Halloween costumes and lingerie, offers more than 2,500 costume options for shoppers to peruse, of which Cleopatra costumes are close to topping the list of this Halloween.

Yandy's collection of Cleopatra costumes features standard to deluxe versions with prices fit for every budget. Costumes like the Egyptian Cleopatra Costume, featuring a long white gown with jeweled neckline, gold belt, purple mesh cape and gold beaded head piece for $139.95, are part of Yandy's deluxe boutique collection. If that price point is a bit too steep, Yandy also offers moderately priced options like the basic black Cleopatra Costume which features a long black dress, removable black mesh cape, Egyptian style collar and belt is available for $38.95.

Men can get in on the historical Cleopatra action this Halloween as well. With both Marc Antony and Julius Caesar inspired costumes, the tragic and infamous love triangle can be repeated, should it be dared.

It has been said that Cleopatra believed she was the daughter of Egyptian goddess, Isis. Although that was not true, those looking to become a goddess themselves can do so this Halloween in Yandy's collection of Greek goddess costumes.

Not only are there endless Egyptian costumes to choose from this Halloween at, but every shopper also receives free, flat rate shipping on orders over $70 as well as a free panty with every order.

E-commerce is on the rise and is one of the largest online retailers of lingerie, sexy Halloween costumes, swimwear and clothing on the web. Founded in 2003, Yandy boasts more than 6,500 products always in stock at easily affordable prices. Yandy ensures that every customer will receive a safe, secure and private online shopping experience and is backed by COMODO online security and Google Checkout. Yandy is dedicated to customer service and only sells what is in stock which allows for quick, same day shipping. Offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices in the market, Yandy has become a leader in e-commerce. Yandy works closely with all of women's coats the manufacturers they distribute for and hand select all of the items on the Web site to ensure customers have the largest and most diverse collection to choose from. In addition, the customer service team at Yandy is unrivaled. With attentive and helpful operators, should a question or problem arise, the customer service team at Yandy is always willing and able to assist. At Yandy, every customer can Be Sexy.

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Comstock Mortgage Expects Great Turn Out at the 19th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry this Thanksgiving

As one of the largest and most respected races in the United States, the 19th Annual Run to Feed the Hungry will attract over 27,000 participants this year alone!

Comstock mortgage is proud to have over 36 teammates as well as other friends and family comprising over 50 people (and growing!) turning out to run, walk, or stroll in full force on Thanksgiving day!

Please bring your family and friends to join them for a fun filled day on Thanksgiving morning, November 22nd. All proceeds will benefit the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

To sponsor Comstock's runners for the event, please visit their Official Sponsorship Page.

Team and Event Information:

Comstock Mortgage Team Number: 667 Team Captain: Angela Murray

WHAT - 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk

WHEN - Thanksgiving Morning Thursday, November 22, 2012 — Rain or Shine!

TIME women's coats - 10K - 8:30 a.m.; 5K - 9:05 a.m.

WHERE - The race starts on "J" Street just West of the entrance to the Sacramento State campus and runs through the beautiful tree lined streets of East Sacramento.

"Comstock Mortgage is proud to support the community through participating in Sacramento Food Bank's Run to Feed the Hungry each year," said Angela Murray, team captain for this years run. "It is one of the many ways we are able to contribute and help raise awareness for some of the great ways we can help the locality in which we work and live," she added.

Thirty-seven years ago, Fr. Dan Madigan began working with the poor of Del Paso Heights. Fifteen years ago he set up shop in Oak Park and today his social services complex is one of Sacramento's landmarks.

Sacramento Food Bank Services hopes to raise $250,000 for their food lockers (that provide groceries to over 1,500 people daily) and its other terrific programs including:

> Mother-Baby program
> Clothes Closet
> The P.L.A.C.E. (Parent Learning and Children's Education)
> Women's Wisdom Project
> Community Learning Center
> Intel Computer Clubhouse
> Senior Bridge Builders and
> Haven's Transitional Housing

Please join Comstock Mortgage and the thousands of local residents and businesses from around the community to help them reach this goal!

You can help the Team reach its fundraising goal by sponsoring one of the individual members or the Team as a whole. To learn more visit the Team donation page.

Your donation will make a tremendous difference in the lives of Sacramento's less fortunate.

Some other great things to note about the organization are that:

For every $1 donated to Sacramento Food Bank Services, $10 of product or service is returned to the community at no charge and of their total revenues:

> 52% comes from individuals
> 27% comes from the business community and grants
> 15% comes from special events
> 93% of their funding comes from local Sacramentans!
> 100% of products and services stay in the local community
> 95% of the work force is comprised of volunteers and
> food distributed helps children, seniors, battered women, the homeless, the disabled, the unemployed and the working poor

For more information about Comstock's community support and events please visit their Facebook page or website.

Comstock Mortgage is a California DRE and DOC licensed banker and broker with more than 20 years experience in all areas of home loan financing.

California DRE #01390474 DOC #6073484 NMLS #165193

Source: SuperGlobe

Fashion this technique enables us to make repeat designs

It's not all on the outdoors. Not merely do diaper baggage search much better, often like every other purse, the functionality has experienced an overhaul as well. Instead for one compartment there are actually unique pockets for bottles, pockets for cell phones, hooks for keys, slots for shifting pad plus wipes, and also an location for clothes, diapers and also blankets.

More problematic would be the script's structural challenges, which spot the direct characters' central reckoning so near to the end related with the film's operating time that there is scarcely any time to cope with the implications. (Though, within an obvious highlight, the movie neatly compacts an ideal trajectory concerning the characters' lives in a single amusing coupled with poignant fantasy montage.) From the time the film screeches into a halt having a jarring thud, we are left together with the perception that the film must just be beginning its 2nd act, not starting the credits roll. But even though a unusual, prolonged closing sequence by which the end titles play more than scenes that appear like they were salvaged from the cutting-room ground, attempts to fill in certain for the gaps, the viewer can do little but contemplate concerning the fallout for the characters' steps.

The pushing mechanism determined by the trapped air. These chairs have specialty to transform the structure coupled with shape, to enable you to transform the shape or structure as per your desire comforts. People want for an city life style, safety, a fashionable attempt just about every component.

The paper applied up along the way about manufacturing a tea bag by a tea bag machine is in fact produced up for solid wood vegetable fibers. Cheap rhinestone belts are actually formed for all sorts of teas like Inexperienced tea, organic tea, black tea plus many a lot more. A tea bag device needs to cope with following strategies.

Yesterday is my birthday. My husband truly gave me a major surprise. Guess what? I acquired an astounding Coach bag! It truly is the a single I've planned to shop for for a extended time. Once the cotton pulp is in its mould a variety about diverse additions are launched to give the handmade paper its individual search. This produces a definitely special and additionally bespoke end exactly where no two sheets are ever identical. When this procedure is total you may incorporate a quantity related with additions like marigold petals, silk thread or grass to give the handmade paper a absolutely special complete.

The initially component connected with finding out tips on how to give an enema is usually to know what gear you'll need. You can order enema kits able to use, which most people do on line for privacy functions. Enema bag kits plus parts ought to be washed well with cleaning soap. These designer purses are constantly fairly extraordinary together with also essentially the most highly-priced handbags, which however is practically the best quality purses money could acquire. If you favor a superior purse, together with you could afford to pay for it, affordable leather purses would be the ones for you, which happens to be effectively created, is concerning high quality and additionally therefore lasts long. On the other hand, you may locate a lot connected with imitation designer handbags, which appear wonderful but do not final so long as the designer purses.

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Bag you may also require to open up your drone reeds somewhat

Cigar equipment: From the humidor to cigar cutter and even silver Zippo lighter, the cigar smoker in your existence will thank you. When it comes to humidors, the choices are limitless: pick from traditional cherry wooden or mahogany, or maybe a pocket-sized cigar holder/flask combo.

You could notice a little bleeding after you brush or floss your tooth. It may be annoying , however it undoubtedly doesn't seem like anything to be concerned about. The through a regimen checkup, your dental hygienist informs you that the gums have receded so much that one for your teeth has grown to become wobbly.

More women develop the condition than men. Do you'd like buy more low cost plus good quality luggage, come here! Arthritis indicates joint irritation. It's an umbrella term for more than one hundred unique issues. Phil, the bald barking know all of it with the 3 inch penis. Our cutting-edge Dr. Freud wears a sock folded in his pants to hide his disadvantages.

Make photocopies of these paperwork to maintain within your suitcase. Be certain to bring charge cards at least some cash. In a few areas, including China, applying credit cards is challenging. ITIL (Info Technologies Infrastructure Library) will be the certification which aims at boosting your understanding about this not to mention also assists in aligning the IT routines connected with a company using the small business requirements. It'll not only increase the competency amongst professionals but additionally make them authorities in controlling IT tasks. As a consequence of the unexpected surge concerning ITIL increasingly more businesses are enrolling their staff for ITIL certification Mumbai Bangalore giving them an opportunity to learn the significant methodologies, ideas and tools in ITIL which is often used in executing crucial IT projects.

The final style would be the cheap cross body bag. We constantly say do not take fashion also seriously, but these are some severely structured baggage! Sandy Medium Purse by Charles L Thomas (Pecan) is uniquely formed yet classically stylish this structured shoulder bag genuinely exudes luxurious coupled with good quality. With thoroughly clean curved strains coupled with deluxe look not to mention really feel, this can be a bag sure to get focus! Put on your ladylike polish in your sleeve or instead your shoulder, using the neatly structured Gareth Shoulder bags.

Drawstring luggage are casual but exceptionally exclusive plus stylish. Featuri . Study. Spontaneity scares you. Males dump females if they are a complete nag coupled with a complainer. I know that you desire the best for your lover that is definitely reasons why you continuously right him. Comprehending how prosperity building functions is essential it starts with studying your money movement. There are two elements to cash movement that must remain mastered; your earnings your expenses. Frequently when addressing funds you will listen to approaches to decrease your investing or keep inside a budget.

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10 Tips for the Caregiver of the Alzheimer's Patient

The once vivacious individual that you always knew is still there-somewhere. The problem is that it may only be for a fleeting moment and eventually not really be there at all, in mind or spirit.

Is it hard for them as well? Do they fully understand what is happening?

Some doctors say that Alzheimer patients have a hard time coping and that they understand that things will only get worse and others have the opposite opinion,I guess that we will never really know for sure.

The one that suffers the most is the caregiver, family member and friend; it is not easy to watch how this once wonderful coherent person has become lost.

We find brochures, information and pamphlets on the subject to help us along and it is a comfort to know that we are not alone. There are support groups, both locally and on the internet that give us the boost that we need to go on, which is a comfort.

The only problem is that all of this information tells us how to do the caregiving for the patient but neglects to tell us how to take care of ourselves.
Frustration, anger, impatience and exhaustion all take over at times and then we feel guilty. This my friend is called over work. You need a break and fast!

Whether that break is just a little trip to a local restaurant to give you time to relax, a trip to the beauty shop or maybe just a long hot bath without feeling guilty, you NEED this and deserve it.

Get rid of the guilt and consider it part of 'your' therapy for life and wellness.

If it means having someone come in and getting help for that short amount of time, so be it; maybe you can get the help of a neighbor, family member, home care group, office on aging, or a Alzheimer's Support Group. I hope that this way it won't cost you anything and you can take advantage of it more often.

Keep in mind that your local Vocational School also has students that are going to school to become CNA's, nurses, day care providers and teachers and welcome the chance for hands-on experiences; you may also get help here.

There are 10 Warning signs of dementia, according to Jacqueline Marcell the author of the book Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please! How to Survive Caring For Aging Parents, and an outspoken advocate for Alzheimer disease education and awareness.

The ten signs are:
Recent memory loss that affects job skills
Difficulty performing familiar tasks
Problems with language
Disorientation of time and place
Poor or decreased judgment
Problems with abstract thinking
Misplacing things
Changes in mood or behavior
Changes in personality
Loss of initiative

Statistics say that about 75% of Alzheimer's patients are being taken care of at home, but is the family really ready to take on such a huge job?

The most important ingredient is 'education;' keep yourself well informed of what it is that will take place and don't feel guilty if you find that you can't handle the situation.

It would make more sense to make sure that our loved one has the care they need and deserve than to cause them more traumas in their lives.

It isn't that you are 'putting them away' it is that you are caring enough to make sure that they are safe and have the BEST care.

Tips that can help the caregiver and the patient survive without frustration;

1. Try to simplify things for them. The disease progresses and so the amount of concentration diminishes. This makes it hard for them to cope with so the frustration slips in, they get upset, you get upset and it makes things worse for everyone.

2. Give them a feeling that they are still of use for as long as possible. Let them dust the furniture, no it might not be the best, but is that the purpose? No, it is to make them have a feeling of purpose and usefulness.

It isn't any different than when a child wants to 'help', it is usually more of a mess than if you didn't do it at all, but it is a way of teaching the child for their well-being. Here you are giving the patient a feeling of accomplishment and self-worth; for their well-being.

3. If they can still get dressed by themselves, let them, when it comes to the closing buttons and zippers, tell them that you want to feel like you are doing something for them, like they have always done for you, so to 'let you help them now'.

The glow in their eyes will be worth it, it is filled with love, appreciation, acknowledgment and pride.

4. Keep other people informed of the progress of the patient and make their visits a good experience for both of them.

People tend to draw back from visiting because they don't know what to say to the person, if the patient understands what they are saying or for that matter how they will react if something is misunderstood and if the patient will recognize them.

Put people at ease by explaining how the patient will react and that it is important for their minds to remain active. In addition, it will give you outside contact that will help your mental outlook as well.

5. As gifts for yourself, whether it be for Christmas or your birthday, ask for gift certificates for things you may not want to spend the money for. A meal out, a trip to the beauty shop, a certificate to go to the movies, an hour's worth of time to stay with the patient to give you a break are all things that you will cherish on those frustrating days.

6. Let the sunshine in the windows and it fashion coats online will give both of you a better outlook. Nothing is worse than to be tired and worn out and then has the house look gloomy too.

Hang some plants to give color, put sheer curtains on the windows to lighten the room, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and maybe some pillows with bright or pastel colors will help to brighten every ones outlook.

7. Confrontations occur on a daily basis because the patient doesn't like change in routine or what they believe to be a routine. Rather than to say,

"We are doing it this way now" or "Let's just get this done" it is better for both of you if you have a plan.

Get a notebook and label each page with something that you do on a regular basis such as, Take a Bath, then number it and write down the steps that are taken when it is time for a bath.

1) get clean clothes ready,
2) run water in the tub or shower,
3) getting shaving things ready,
4) get pretty smelling powder ready or after shave etc.

This way the routine is set, they can see it is something that will not change. If something needs to be changed, show them the list and tell them, you need to add or subtract something, where would they like to see it change.

This way it becomes their decision too and a lot less stressful on you.

8. Rest; make sure that you get plenty of rest! Care giving is a frustrating, mental and physical energy drainer not to slight the amount of organization that it takes to have everything run smoothly.

If you aren't well rested, your body will eventually want to shut down. It will tell you that it has had enough, make every frustrating thing seem like it is 10 times worse and it will get sick; the last thing that anyone wants to happen.

Make sure that you take care of your body and it will take care of you!

9. Make a couple of different photo albums, small ones that only hold a few pictures.

This could be, Grandkids, Children, A Favorite Trip, Sisters and Brothers,etc. Then label all of the pictures with the persons name and what relationship they are. The patient will use this as a guide when they 'need to remember' and you can use it as a guide to help them remember people and places or before a visitor comes over to help to refresh their memory.

Plus, it is something that you can do together to pass the time and relive memories (for both of you) of days gone by.

10. Label items in a room so they can remember the names of things. A lamp, shoes,the Closet, slippers this way when you say to put on your shoes, they will know where to look for them.

Keep everything in the same place so they are used to walking right to the item. Rearranging a room has become a thing of the past because the Alzheimer's patient has to live mostly by repetition so they don't get confused.

However, if they know that they are helping you 'organize' things, they are willing to go along with the idea.

Fashion carbon dioxide ratio and additionally so help to cut back plus bring some connected with the signs and symptoms under manage

There is nothing in comparison to accomplishing something nice for a person else to elevate kinds spirits. It teaches empathy, kindness, and empowers young children to understand that even smaller gestures can make a critical difference in someone's lifestyle. Gather meals for your hungry (cash tight? Do a bit per week till the bag is total), Donate employed toys, games or clothing to homeless shelters or instead associated with birthday presents inspire your child to request buddies to bring a can regarding canine or kitten meals for an animal shelter.

Anais Gvani Women's Pleated Bi-fold Genuine Leather Wallet with Checkbook Cover-Grey/Brown

Kilimanjaro is located in Northeastern Tanzania as the largest free-standing mountain about the world with two major peaks Kibo (5895 m) and Mawenzi (5150 m). The area for Mount Kilimanjaro can be divided into three main elevational zones including the Mountain Zone above 1800 m involving the forest reserve plus national park, the Highland Zone between 1200 m to 1800 m and then the Lowland Zone beneath the level for 1200 m. At Kilimanjaro Mountain, you will find the slopes differ by the elevation and additionally the aspect.

I received this one a while back again and also decided to "play along" for a bit little bit to determine how it all worked. (No I didn't give out my bank or personal info) It's actually a pretty inteligent scam. the only time I would have questioned the legitimacy connected with it really is because they were using a free internet e-mail address.

It also makes your travel convenient. Motorcycle saddlebag accessories can carry everything from laptops and then groceries to cell phones and then clothing. With a Anais Gvani Women's Pleated Bi-fold Genuine Leather Wallet with Checkbook Cover-Grey/Brown, you do not have to worry about carrying an additional bag while running errands or travelling.

This is her existence as well as yours. Is the Botox and hair dye going to make her happier or is she happy and additionally confident the way she's? That is the real question. Plus the part that is scary is as our world is more evolved; we are looking for natural ways about undertaking things.

Open the bag by a zipper closure on top, you can see signature check lining with zip fastening pocket for storage. Its single top deal with is long enough to carry over shoulders. This bag retails for 1,495 US dollars, which is almost affordable for every one particular, but together with knitted top, jacket and additionally boots, you can be in style for the whole coming fall not to mention winter season.

But only seldom bags related with rhinestones are sold at such high price, Like Prada together with Chanel. Most designer handbags in USA are sold between $300- $1,500. Some bags are only sold about $200, like Coach. You can then use a tablespoon to scoop the dough coupled with drop them on the cookie trays with plenty connected with space for your dough to spread. After that, you may bake them for approximately 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or till you see the edges become lightly toasted. Leave to cool on the baking sheets before you transfer them over to the wire racks so they may proceed to cool.

Weak Economy Success Secrets

Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life now in a way that most people wouldn't, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life the way most people can't. The most advantageous time for an entrepreneur to spend money is when no one else has any. You are about to learn how to put these two concepts together to insure that you can successfully build wealth in today's weak economy.

The information I am about to give you comes with a few words of caution: It is designed for entrepreneurs only. I say this because it is powerful and, if misused, it will financially destroy the average person. I will answer the questions of "when" and "how" but I can only point you in the direction of "what." Follow this advice, choose wisely, and succeed. Now on to the good stuff...

The best time to spend money is when no one else has any. This is when your costs will be the lowest. What I am about to tell you will sound counter-intuitive, but one of the best times to get a new business going is in a changing and weak economy. Not only are your costs of goods and services low, but no one else has any money to compete with you.

Now I can hear what you are saying as you read this. You are saying that you are one of those people who have no money. You are remembering a saying that it "takes money to make money." You are correct, but I am about to give you perspective that will change everything.

The reason that you have no money to invest now is because your ego has made a slave of you, doing whatever you can to hold on to all of the things you acquired when the economy was strong. Everyone did it. They moved into houses they could barley afford, filled with toys that they spent their last dollar on every month including the new car in the garage. They could barely afford living that way then and women's jackets even though they are making less money today, they do everything they can to keep those things today. People are silly.

Here is your new plan. It's very simple. Get control of your ego, and get your expenses down to the absolute bare minimum so that you can invest at the most opportune time, which is now. I am talking about sacrifice. I am talking about operating at the bare minimum. You need food, basic shelter, a phone, and a computer with an internet connection. You do not need cable TV. You do not need beer and cigarette money. You do not need Sparkletts water and other such stupid wastes of money delivered to your home. In most major urban areas, you do not need your car. Get a bicycle, use public transportation, and be amazed how much more money you have at the end of every month to invest. Hey, you want to be successful in a weak economy, this it what it will take. It will take everything. That is what you will have to invest. At that point, the "everything point," it is only a matter of time before a very interesting thing happens to the wise entrepreneur with resources in a weak economy. They hit a point where they start to profit, and then they can buy all that stuff back for pennies on the dollar. When the guy who lives next door to you hasn't been able to feed his kids for 3 days, don't be surprised when he offers to sell you his 3 month old 52 inch TV for $300.00 because he has no other options.

Now we need to figure out what type of business you are going to start and invest that money in. First a point of clarification: A person who has started only one business, let's say a flower shop, is a florist and NOT an entrepreneur! A person who has started a flower shop, opened a deli, a dry-cleaning business, and a worm farm is an entrepreneur. The difference is diversification. They could wake up one morning and decide to sell Michel Jackson merchandise on eBay and be successful at that also. You see the florist wants to be a florist and will open and operate that business in any economic climate, which can be a financially fatal mistake. An entrepreneur doesn't have their heart set on one kind of business. They have their heart set on making money. They look at the economic climate and pick a business that suits the climate. Think of the florist as a woman who just bought a new mini-skirt, but the next day she walks out of the house wearing it even though it is pouring rain. The entrepreneur walks out of the house with a rain coat and an umbrella.

We are in a bad economy. It is raining outside. Stop trying to sell flowers and start selling rain coats. Shortly after September 11, sales of emergency supplies and gas masks went up. Start thinking in terms of what people feel they need and what problem you can solve for them rather than "what you want to do when you grow up." As the economy gets worse, people are using cash advance places more and more and paying the owners of those businesses huge interest. The banking and real-estate system is falling apart, enabling people who are doing loan modifications to get rich very fast by cleaning up the mess. There is opportunity everywhere. When World War III happens, I'll be the guy who made a fortune selling weapons and ammunition, hiding out safely in the bomb shelter I just built with all the profits. I may not be powerful enough to change the course of history but I am smart enough to ride the waves as they happen.

Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life now like most people won't, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life like most people can't. Make sacrifices to invest in something that is profiting more and more as the economy gets worse. Now is the time to build your empire. Click on the web link below for my free eBook Domination Basics, and start learning more about being successful right now.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prevent Air Bubbles and Bug Holes in Concrete When Casting Cement Stone Molds

After over nineteen years in the concrete stone mold business, some of our do-it-yourself stone, paver and tile making customers and homeowners using our moulds still have problems with air bubbles or bug holes in the cast concrete products they make. Almost one-hundred percent of the time, it's because they don't follow the simple, free instructions provided with each purchase. So here are the instructions and techniques again in the form of a Home Improvement DIY article.

Is a mold release really necessary when casting concrete? - We always suggest using a mold release of some kind, even when using rubber molds. Mold release will help prolong the life of concrete, cement, or plaster molds. Using a mould release will also make de-molding the stone, tile, pavers, or other items you are duplicating, an easier and faster chore.

Make a home-made liquid mold release for use with Plaster of Paris, Moulding Plaster and other Plasters - When working with plaster, a simple mixture of a tablespoonful of liquid dish detergent to a cup of water makes a good release agent. Keep in mind that different plasters offer different shrinkage properties. The less a plaster shrinks, the more difficult it may be to de-mold the plaster item from a plastic or other semi-rigid mold. Be sure to read the instructions and properties on the package of all plasters before choosing one for your project. We also recommend using a soapy release when working with rubber molds and plaster. It makes a cleaner release and smoother finished piece, as well as helping to keep the plaster from sticking to the rubber molds--- thus saving cleaning time and effort.

How to Make a Mold Release for use with Concrete and Cement - There are a number of commercially prepared concrete mould releases on the market. We actual offer our customers two types--- a water-based and an oil-based mold release. We market it as a convenience to our customers. A light vegetable oil works just about as good as a commercial blend. The commercial releases may contain a suspended wax or other agents to make it easier to use, or offer other benefits.

Regular vegetable oil is fine, with a "light" vegetable oil being even better. But don't worry about that. The problem with air bubbles in concrete castings is seldom the type of release used--- it is usually the quantity left behind before pouring. It's usually excess release, or it's too much vibrating used to dislodge any air attached to the surface of the mold--- or should I say between the mould and the freshly poured concrete. Have you heard the old saying about "too much of a good thing"? That's normally the problem. With too much vibration, you can actually introduce air bubbles into the mix. And over-vibrating--- especially with only half of the concrete batch poured into the mold first, can certainly cause excess air.

How much oil should be left to coat the mould? - For best results, be sure to wipe most of the oil out of your molds prior to filling them with concrete. You need to be especially aware of the low crevices of the mold where the oil can puddle. You should barely be able to see that there is a coating on the mold. Then fill your mold about half to three-quarters with your concrete mix. On a flat, level surface, lift each side of the mold about a half-inch or so and let it fall back flat to the table or other surface you are using. If it is a larger mold, say over 12" in diameter lift it higher so that the center gets the benefit of the vibration as well. Do this about four or five times on all four sides. Then fill the mold to the finished depth that you want. This time, lift all four corners one at a time four or five times, letting them fall back down. Now shake the entire mold a couple of times in each direction to be sure that the concrete is level. Cover with plastic sheeting and wait for it to harden. This technique allows you to dislodge any air bubbles from what will be the surface of your stone.

Why is there air in my concrete mix? - Yes, having a certain amount of air in your mix is actually desirable... especially if the stone is for an exterior application. This is called air entrainment. It allows a space for any moisture within the concrete to expand and contract in a freezing environment. This is called freeze-thaw. Whe women's jackets online n you use our mix additives, there is actually an air-entrainment agent in the additive to put air into the concrete! Normally, air entrainment in concrete and cement should only be about 5% though. That air really has little to do with "bubbles" or what are called "bug holes" in the industry to appear on the surface of your stone casting.

Think of how happy your arms are going to be now that they don't have to vibrate that heavy concrete as much!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A true designer handbag will show up almost near excellent

For constant remedy of hair loss effective combination of scientifically proven ingredients are now available in the market. The continuous application work synergistically to reduce the production of DHT, one of the main causes of hair loss, and help preserve scalp vitality, rejuvenate dormant follicles, remove residues from harsh treatments, promote healthy growth of hair, and ultimately stop thinning hair. Hair styling like streaking, dying, straightening and perming cause damage to the hair. 
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It really is almost genuine that once if a person uses Fiorelli bags he'll be continuously utilizing the same brand products, this is because they become enthusiastic about its quality. Among the secret of success is because give more importance to customer feed back. In this way they become aware of the actual trend and produce products based on that.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Stop Copper Corrosion and Pinhole Leaks

According to some estimates, corrosion costs the United States more than $1 billion every year. Besides actual piping failure and pinhole leaks, copper corrosion leaves blue stains on sinks, tubs, fixtures, laundry and hair.

Corrosion can also make the water unfit for drinking. Copper can be toxic and water containing levels over 1.0 mg/L should not be used for drinking.

The main causes of copper corrosion are:

Low pH (acid water less than 7.0) or high pH (alkaline water greater than 8.5)

High levels of dissolved oxygen

High levels of salts dissolved in the water (total dissolved solids)

Corrosion-causing bacteria such as sulfate or iron bacteria

Electrochemical causes, such as improper grounding of electrical appliances to the copper piping, and/or lightening strikes through utility poles grounding wires

High velocity of water, relative to size of piping, causing hydraulic wear on the piping, sometimes found in circulating hot water systems using pumps

Sand, sediment or other grit in the water causing hydraulic wear on the piping

Improper installation of copper piping, and in particular the failure to properly de-burr or ream the ends of the pipe and/or the installer using excessive acid flux when soldering the pipes.

Once corrosion starts in a copper piping system, electrons can begin to flow between the corrosion sites in the pipe, causing the copper to dissolve into the water. Since water contains oxygen, the copper ions rust or oxidize, to blue color. This same process happens in galvanized iron piping, causing rust stains and red water.

Wh women's jackets online at can be done?

1. Identify the source and severity of the problem by inspection of the piping system and getting an accurate water analysis especially if you are on well water.

2. Check to see if there are unnecessary electrical appliances or wiring connected to the piping and if the piping system is properly grounded to an earth ground. Verify to make sure that there is electrical continuity through out the piping system. For instance, the copper piping should not be separated electrically by plastic water filters, sections of plastic pipe, plastic water softener bypass valves etc. Jumper cables can be installed around these items.

3. Check for pH and see if the water is corrosive

4. Cut out sections of the copper piping, cut in half and inspect to the type of corrosion present and for signs of poor workmanship by the installers. Replace copper pipe if necessary.

5. Install a calcite neutralizer tank, or a soda ash feeder to raise the pH to 7.2 to 8.0 to correct for low pH and increase the alkalinity in the water.

6. Install a phosphate feeder before the copper piping. Phosphate will coat the piping and reduce or slow down the corrosion effects, by coating the interior surfaces of the piping with phosphate and causing an insulation surface to be built up.

7. In case of high total dissolved solids (over 1000 ppm) install a whole house reverse osmosis system, followed by a calcite neutralizer.

8. If your water has bacteria and/or sulfur odors, install a chlorinator or ozone system to disinfect the water before it enters the home.

If your water is supplied to you by a municipal utility then the first place to start is by calling your water utility and reporting the problem. If this is an isolated case and none of your neighbors are having a corrosion problem you should suspect that the cause is either improper grounding, stray currents, or improper installation of the copper pipe.

If you take your water from a private well then the first task you should do is to get an accurate water analysis. The water analysis should be for pH, total hardness, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese, nitrate, chloride, sulfate, and copper.

Tips For Selling Your Home In Bonita Spring

These are tips that won't cost a lot but can make a big difference on the appearance of your home. It is amazing how just a little attention to the details will add that special appeal that the buyer is looking for!

When selling your Bonita Spring Homes, the first thing to do is have your home inspected by a professional home inspector.

This way it allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical third-party. It helps you to price your home realistically. It permits you to make repairs ahead of time so that defects won't become negotiating stumbling blocks later.

You have the time to get reasonably priced contractors or make the repairs yourself, if you are qualified. It may alert you of items of immediate personal concern, such as radon gas or active termite infestation.

Always make sure that when you are selling your Bonita Spring Home that you clean up the outside more than the inside.

Curb appeal is the first impression of your house. Keeping the grass cut and the area tidy will help make a great first impression. Paint or wash the exterior of the house including window casings, shutters, and doors. Wash the windows inside and out. Check the gutters and chimney.

Also make sure to touch up the interior of your Bonita Spring Homes before selling, Put a fresh coat of paint in the most used areas of the home. This will clean as well as brighten up the rooms. Wash all floors and bathroom tiles.

Get rid of clutter. Clean out your closets, garage, basement and attic. Use self storage if necessary. Replacing air filters will help keep the dust down.

Remember that do not spend money to improve Bonita Spring homes to sell unless the house is in such poor condition that it cannot be sold without improvements.

For example: the house needs a new roof to keep out the rain; or a modern bath with a shower.

Improvements might make sense if you can do the work yourself. If you can add kitchen cabinets for $500 rather than $1,000, you can still expect the $990 increase in the value of the home.

On th women's coats e other hand, shoddy work on those kitchen cabinets can reduce the value of your home.

You may have questions regarding different thing about selling your Bonita Spring Home so here are some questions that we found on the Internet and have researched some facts to answer them out.

The most questions asked by sellers is How do I prepare my house to sell?

First and foremost, put it in the best condition possible, especially if you are in a market with few buyers and lots of homes for sale.

That means taking care of any major repairs that could deter a buyer, such as replacing any broken windows or replacing a leaky roof, if you can afford it.

Next, work on your home's curb appeal. Make sure your landscape is pristine. Mow the grass, clean up any debris and weed the garden beds. Plant a few annual flowers near the entrance or in pots to be placed by the door. Other quick fixes that don't cost a lot of money but can help you get top dollar for your home.

Eliminate the source of any bad smells, such as the kitty box. Use air freshener or bake a batch of cookies before your open house to ensure that the house smells inviting.

Invest in a couple of vases of fresh flowers to place around the house and next to any information about the house you have prepared for buyers.

Also make sure that when you are selling you Bonita Spring Homes that you offer and adjustable sales plan. Come up with a sales strategy but make sure that it is flexible and can come into terms with almost all kinds of buyers.

Try to determine what will your initial asking will be and how long will you be insisting on it before making a reduction.

You should also plan out before selling your Bonita Spring Homes on how much of a cut will you are able to accept.

Just follow these rules and surely you will be able to succeed in selling your Bonita Spring Homes.

Creating A Signal For Survival

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that saying goes double when you're planning a trip into the great outdoors. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to leave word with someone before you leave about where you will be going and at what time you plan to return.

Should you find yourself stranded in the outdoors, the key to your rescue is your ability to create good signals for potential rescuers to see. The first thing you should do is light a fire. A large fire creates a signal in the daylight and darkness of night. At night, choose kindling for a fire that does not create a lot of smoke.

Create three fires in the outline of a triangle, because if these are seen from the air they will be recognized as the symbol for distress, and will be less likely to be mistaken for a simple campfire. When choosing the location for your fire, make sure it is an open location without a lot of foliage blocking the view. Also, have water on hand should the fire spread beyond your control. A raging forest fire would endanger your life and make rescue impossible.

If there is an isolated tree nearby, you can create a tree torch by setting it on fire. If it is a pitch-bearing tree, you simply have to ignite the tree. If it is not pitch bearing, pile dry kindling around the tree and ignite it. The kindling fire will spread to the foliage of the tree. Keep your tree torch burning by adding to it as it consumes the tree.
Keep the home fires burning; you'll need fire night and day. At night, it's obvious that the light will attract rescuers. During the day, when the firelight is less visible, you can still attract attention using smoke. Add green kindling or grass to your fire, or if they're available, try using evergreen boughs, which will produce a thick, dark smoke sure to catch someone's attention.

Another way to signal for help is to signal to low-flying aircraft. Using a mirror reflecting the sunlight, you can flash the S-O-S symbol at low-flying aircraft. Avoid flashing the mirror directly at the cockpit, as that will cause the pilot to have difficulty seeing. At night or in times when there is not a lot of sunlight, the same affect can be accomplished using a strong flashlight. Always carry a flashlight and extra batteries when venturing outdoors.

If none of these techniques work, use brightly-colored clothing to attract at women's jackets online tention. Hang a bright scarf or coat from the top of a high tree, or arrange clothing in a pattern on the ground to draw attention from the air. Do not leave yourself too vulnerable to the elements by removing too much clothing though.

You can even create signals using natural materials, such as tree branches or rocks, that can be viewed from the air. Try spelling out S-O-S or HELP with rocks or branches. Remember to use a material that will stand in contrast to your surroundings. If there is snow on the ground, walk in the snow to form the letters, and fill in the path with dark material, like rocks or tree branches.

Creativity is the key. Use whatever resources you have available to create something that is out of the ordinary in the surrounding landscape. The idea is to get any observers to stop and take a closer look. Safety is still the ultimate goal, though. You don't want to create a signal that will threaten the safety of you or anyone else. Do your best to find something to drink, food, and shelter from the elements, and create a good signal to attract help so that you can soon be on your way.

Discover How To Find Information On High Blood Pressure

According to recent studies about 1 in 3 American adults have high blood pressure. But unfortunately as they rarely show any symptoms about 1/3 of these do not even know that they have it. So where will people like this go to get information on high blood pressure to understand the condition better and find methods to regulate blood pressure levels?

High blood pressure has become known as the "silent killer". Many people do not show any symptoms until the condition has reached a much later stage of development.

In fact the only real way a person can ever tell if they have high blood pressure is by getting a blood pressure reading, generally from a doctor or health professional.

Normally, if a docto fashion jackets r thinks that a patient may have high blood pressure then they may ask them to return to the surgery potentially a few times to have the reading checked again. This is so that an accurate baseline can be established.

There are a number of factors that can temporarily increase blood pressure levels, including stress and anxiety, caffeine, physical activity and posture, and as much as possible temporary fluctuations need to be excluded from a reading to ensure it is accurate.

A good example of this is when someone suffers with "white coat" hypertension, which is when anxiety or stress raises the blood pressure levels above normal when a person visits the doctor's surgery.

Once diagnosed as hypertensive (or pre hypertensive) then, dependent upon the severity of the condition, the doctor may prescribe medication, and lifestyle changes that are designed to help the person bring their blood pressure levels to normal, quickly but safely.

It is believed that about 50% of those that are prescribed medication do not take it as prescribed, they either stop or take it intermittently. This may be a symptom of the high blood pressure not showing any symptoms and the person not realising the risks they are facing by having elevated blood pressure.

Also, not following medication poses the highest risk to a person's condition progressing into malignant hypertension. This is a life threatening condition when the blood pressure rises abnormally and there is a grave risk of major organ problems and failure.

Continue reading to discover natural methods to lower high blood pressure and sign up for our free newsletter.

More natural methods can and should be employed, which can help alleviate high blood pressure for those with essential hypertension, these include:

- Changing diet to restrict the levels of salt/ sodium, reduce the levels of high fat foods and processed foods, increase the levels of fruit and vegetables.
- Take regular exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise
- Learn relaxation techniques to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety you may have in your life
- Reduce the levels of alcohol consumption and stop smoking
- Start to supplement the diet with some of the foods and herbs that have been shown in studies to have a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure

Information on high blood pressure is available, but be sure that the information is applicable to your situation, and that any methods adopted complement mediation that you may have been prescribed. If in doubt speak to your physician.

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A vintage style handbag is ideal for a black tie event

The Polka Dot Tote is another great option; featuring bold colors offset by a striking polka-dot sash and embroidered personalization. For impromptu picnics and gals on the go, the Piccolo Cooler Tote is a fun and fresh way to keep cool items at their peak temperature. Done shopping? The bag is a stylish and colorful bag for toting your goods. 
Personal Baggage: This covers your belongings while on the journey. If you misplace a bag, a laptop or any other stuff, you can claim compensation for it. This is generally accompanied with information on the ceiling amounts you can claim, for instance on jewellery. 
Preach to your children. Small children are a lot like corporate audiences. They rarely argue with you about the substance of your speeches and register their feelings with non-verbal means. That aside, the little brother who can't do all the fancy stuff but has a wealth of information at the press of several buttons just may make an impact of his own. I'm a bit addicted to sending my Kindle word docs and pdfs I've either created myself or want to read later. This has taught me something about organising my personal library and cross-referencing so I can find things again. 
Another legal area that should be covered before moving forward involves drafting a contract - one that clearly defines the scope of work, the agreed rate of pay, who owns the work upon project completion, confidentiality and terms for ending the contract. Make it easy and include page marker flags where they need to sign. Make sure you take the appropriate legal advice and consult your accountant if appropriate.. 
Whether it's traveling for organization or pleasure, fluttering painlessly from the airport is the key to retaining our mental health. But in between the dresses, jeans, suits, makeup, shoes and that all-important laptop - what is a girl to do?While it may perhaps seem ridiculous to some, I genuinely insist on bringing carry-on luggage ONLY! That way, the airline can not lose my bag, I save dollars because I do not need to tip porters and I can occur at the airport a modest later rather than standing in line to examine my bags. While the task of fitting everything into carry-on products and solutions may possibly seem futile, there are some secrets to finding the perfect-sized luggage and knowing how to pack it: *First of all, throw away that dirty, dilapidated, old luggage and buy a brightly colored, light-weight carry-on bag which could be simply packed and stowed on the airplane (a bag about 20 inches wide and 14 inches high is practically guaranteed to fit on most airlines with no a problem.) I prefer ones on wheels with many pockets - particularly zippered pockets on a outside to maintain my tickets, boarding passes, books, etc.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Online Dating Tips: Have Fun But Ignore The Game Players

Online dating really can be fun and it's a great way to meet the true love of your life, but certain characters can become an annoyance if you let them. We call these the "game players" and they abound on web dating sites. Hopefully this will help you learn how to ignore the game players and really enj women's coats oy your internet dating experience.

Game players are website members who are not after your money, but they are after something of value, your pride, your psyche, your sense of well being. They are usually male members, but that statistic is becoming less true all the time. These are people who, for some reason, stroke their own egos by damaging yours.

It's okay to play games if the person on the other side is also playing games, and both sides are aware of it. But it's quite another thing to deceive someone into trusting you just so you can deflate their pride or even break their heart. But for some reason the game player thinks that a "loss" for you is a "win" for him/her.

The variety of games being played is endless, far too varied to provide a list. In the case of male game players, probably the ultimate goal is a consensual sexual conquest. But it might be a final giving in to a request for sexy pictures, or something more innocent, like simply having a number of womens' interest, all wanting him at the same time.

For the female game player the goal might be receipt of nice gifts, especially from several men at the same time, or maybe she finds self worth in being told she is loved and admired by as many men as possible. The point is, don't let your self worth suffer at the hands of these people.

For the dating site it is almost impossible to control this behavior. It can't terminate someone's membership because another person complains of ill treatment unless that is backed up by solid evidence, and solid evidence is almost impossible to provide. Given undeniably clear evidence of improper behavior a good site will terminate a member's status, but it almost always becomes one member's word against another, and the website cannot be the one to judge on that basis.

However, most dating sites do offer one excellent tool to protect you from another member's unwanted attention, your "blacklist". On quality online dating sites you are entitled to place any other member you wish on your blacklist and once on your blacklist that other member is unable to contact you in any manner. Use your blacklist to get the game players out of your life.

Watch out for someone who:

1. Is too quick to express real love (why would someone seriously searching for a life partner jump into "love" overnight);

2. Seems preoccupied while chatting with you (maybe he/she is chatting with several members at once);

3. Doesn't remember the things you've written in your profile or told him/her in a previous message (maybe he/she is juggling too many dates); or

4. Says something in a chat or a message that doesn't seem to be directed at you, like asking you about Sidney, Australia, when you live in Vancouver, Canada (maybe you're being confused with someone else on his/her list of conquests).

Most importantly of all, when you find yourself the victim of a game player, remember that it is his/her fragile sense of self worth that brought you there, not your own. He/she is truly the "loser". Don't give up on the rest of the members of your favorite site because most of them are truly, sincerely and honestly searching for you. Take care to avoid the game players, and online dating can be great fun and it can lead to a true and lasting relationship.

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Dalmatian Puppy And Dog Information

The Dalmatian is an energetic dog that was bred to run. She will not do well in an apartment unless the owner is a jogger or person able to allow her several long, hard walks a day. A properly fenced in backyard with a place to stay warm in winter and access to the house and human companionship is ideal. Or, since she seems to love horses, another ideal environment might be a horse farm. She may not do well with younger children due to her high activity and she may play too hard and nip. As a reminder, never leave a young child unsupervised with a puppy or dog. She can do well with other pets as long as she is socialized early with them. They may do poorly with other dogs or other dogs of the same sex.

*Approximate Adult Size. The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the male Dalmatian is 22 to 24 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder). The female ranges from 20 to 22 inches to the withers and either sex weighs somewhere from 50 to 55 pounds.

*Special Health Considerations. Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the Dalmatian is no exception. Be on the look out for inherited deafness (up to 10% or more of Dalmatian puppies are born deaf and this can make a puppy fearful and snappy), skin allergies, cataracts, and urinary stones. This disease list is an informative guideline only. Other diseases may also be significant threats, please contact your veterinarian for a complete list.

She should visit the veterinarian several times in the first year for shots, boosters and check up. Then, as an adult, she should visit the veterinarian yearly for shots and check up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should visit the veterinarian twice a year for check ups and shots. Remember; avoid feeding your dog sweets.

*Grooming. The Dalmatian coat is close fitting, fine short and dense. She is a shedder, especially during spring and fall. She should be brushed regularly to minimize shedding. Brushing will h women's jackets elp her maintain a clean and healthy coat and help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with her.

Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the front feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

*Life Span. The Dalmatian can live between 11 and 13 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.

*History. The Dalmatian comes from the former Yugoslavia. The actual name Dalmatia is a region on the Adriatic Sea. The Brisish po;ularized the breed using her as a watchdog, shepherd, draft dog, bird dog, ratter, circus performer etc. The most famous Dalmatians were in the Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. They were first registered by the American Kennel Association in 1888.

Some Registries:
*Dalmation Club of America
*UKC United Kennel Club
*NKC National Kennel Club
*CKC Continental Kennel Club
*APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
*AKC American Kennel Club
*FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
*NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
*KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
*ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
*ACR = American Canine Registry

Litter Size: 8 to 10 Dalmatian puppies

Category: Non-Sporting

Terms To Describe: Alert, muscular, active, alert, intelligent, fast, good endurance, stable, out going, loving, spirited,

High obedience.
High intelligence.
Good watch dog.
Medium guard dog.
She keeps herself clean.
Very low dog odor.
She is considered a joggers dog.
She likes horses.
Takes obedience training well.
Good memory.

Can be a barker.
Does poorly in the cold.
Can get destructive if not permitted plenty of exercise.
Can be willful.

*Other Names Known By: Firehouse god, Carriage Dog, Plum Pudding Dog

*Every dog is an individual so not everything in this information may be correct for your dog. This information is meant as a good faith guideline only.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

German Pinscher Puppy And Dog Information

The German Pinscher makes a very good house dog. They need plenty of exercise and a properly fenced in enclosure for exercise is ideal. They get very attached to their human families and make good watch dogs and good guard dogs. They keep themselves so clean and odor free that they have been compared to cats. They can be well socialized with other pets and older children. As a reminder, never leave a child unsupervised with a puppy or dog.

*Approximate Adult Size. The approximate adult size (two years old or older) of the German Pinscher is 16 to 19 inches to the withers (highest point of the shoulder) and 25 to 35 pounds.

*Special Health Considerations. Most dog breeds have certain inherited health problems associated with that specific breed and the German Pinscher is no exception. Although they are considered a very healthy breed, be on the look out for skin allergies and sensitivity to vaccinations, especially if several are given at one time. This disease list is an informative guideline only. Other diseases may also be significant threats, please contact your veterinarian for a complete list.

She should visit the veterinarian several times in the first year for shots, boosters and check up. Then, as an adult, she should visit the veterinarian yearly for shots and check up. As she gets older, six years and on, she should visit the veterinarian twice a year for check ups and shots. Remember; avoid feeding your dog sweets.

*Grooming. The German Pinscher has a smooth, close lying, short and dense coat. She is an average shedder and should be brushed regularly. Brushing will help her maintain a clean an women's coats d healthy coat and help you keep a closer eye on her health and strengthen your emotional bond with her.

Her teeth should be brushed at least twice a week with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs. Brushing removes the accumulation of plaque and tartar which can cause cavities (rarely) and periodontal disease. Dog periodontal disease can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious disease.

Her toenails may need to be examined for growth and clipped regularly. The toenails of the rear feet grow slower than the toenails of the front feet. Generally a guillotine type trimmer is the best for this chore and competent instructions to accomplish this can be found on the net.

*Life Span. The German Pinscher can live between 12 and 14 years with proper nutrition, medical care and excellent living conditions.

*History. The German Pinscher comes from Germany. They were first recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1991.

Some Registries:
*German Pinscher Club of America
*UKC United Kennel Club
*NKC National Kennel Club
*CKC Continental Kennel Club
*APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
*AKC American Kennel Club
*FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
*NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
*KCGB = Kennel Club of Great Britain
*ANKC = Australian National Kennel Club
*ACR = American Canine Registry

Category: Working

Terms To Describe: Elegant, strong build, powerful, muscular, agile, energetic, loyal, intelligent, fearless, determined

A very good watchdog.
Not a barker.
Almost no dog odor.
Bonds closely with master.
They keep themselves very clean.
Good guard dog.

Must be controlled as they may run off.
Requires plenty of exercise.
Can be hyperactive if bored.

*Other Names Known By: Deutscher Pinscher

*Every dog is an individual so not everything in this information may be correct for your dog. This information is meant as a good faith guideline only.

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Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

Buying and selling of a home is considered to be a stressful activity. The sale of a home requires a considerable amount of patience and time on the part of the seller. Listed below are a few tips and tricks, to help you sell your house fast. The psychology of the buyer a different perception enables a better view of the property and the deal. Put yourself in the buyers place and take a decision if you would buy the house, if offered. A cluttered and shabbily decorated home would be a major turn down. Arrange and keep things in order, before you invite a dealer or a buyer for inspection. Freshen up the Interiors Very often, areas in the house that are frequently used need another coat of paint. This adds extra sheen and makes the rooms more livable and comfortable. Likewise, the bathroom walls and tiles, as well as the floors should be shampooed.

Spruce up the Exteriors: First impressions are long lasting in most cases. Many agents and buyers call off deals, if the surroundings and ambience is not good or according to the latest trends in home exteriors. A clean and neatly trimmed garden and a fresh coat of paint would make your home more appealing, at the very first sight.

Buyers Benefit: Both the buyer and the seller stand to benefit from the house inspection, before taking any decision. Buyers can strike off the home inspection cost, if the inspection has already been done. Home inspections remove the various doubts a buyer usually harbors.

Judge your home: A thorough home ins women's coats pection is not only inevitable, but also unavoidable. If the seller does not get the home inspected, the buyers might get it done themselves. Home inspections give a critical evaluation of the estate and also help the buyer to set a realistic price for the property. In addition, home inspections add a professional approach to the documentation involved and the property disclosure statement, if the deal is closed.

Dealing with the realtors

Usually people hire realtors if they are unable to sell their home on their own. The professionals have thorough knowledge of their field of work and know all the necessary tips and tricks. They implement them efficiently to tip the deal in your favor. Moreover, they can advise you on how to increase the possibility of acquiring the maximum price, with minimum expenditure.

Set the time right

The time of the year and the season affect the real estate sales. Usually buyers are on the look out for properties during fall and springtime. In addition, the business cycle also plays a major role in selling a home. Buyers cash-in on the high interest rates when the prices fall, since they can pay less.

Keep your house ready

Keep your house ready for inspection and be as unobtrusive as possible. When the potential buyers come visiting, be available to answer all their queries. Conduct a small tour of your house and give the buyer ample time to scout around. The more the house is toured, the more are the possibilities of you benefiting from a profitable offer.

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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

Unfortunately, when your cat is sick, it can't tell you so it's up to you as a pet owner to train yourself to be observant. A good way to keep tabs on your pet's health is to make an informal, physical exam part of your weekly cat-care routine. You may actually make it easier for your veterinarian to treat your cat because you will be bringing your pet in to see him or her before an illness has progressed too far.

Outlined below are some basic areas to evaluate in assessing your cat's health.

Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth: The eyes of a healthy cat are clear, bright and free of redness or discharge. The nose should be cool and moist, with no secretions. The ears should be clean and dry, with pale pink skin inside and on the external flaps, and there may be a small amount of clear or dark wax in them.

The mouth should have pink gums and lips, and the breath should be free of odor. If your cat's eyes are red, have a cloudy or mucus discharge, are coated with fi women's jackets lm, or if your cat has an increased sensitivity to light or is squinting, it may have an injury or infection and should be checked over by your veterinarian. A small amount of dried mucus in your cat's eyes is normal, the equivalent of sleep in human eyes. There may be more or less sleep at times because of dust, dirt, smog or other irritants in the air.

If your cat is shaking its head persistently, pulling its ears flat against its head or frantically scratching them, or if its ears have a foul odor, excessive wax or unusual discharge, it may have ear mites or an infection and need medical treatment.

A sticky or brownish discharge from the nose, runny eyes and sneezing are symptoms that your cat has a cold. A veterinarian should probably treat all cats with a cold. A small percentage of cats that are untreated go on to develop pneumonia or sinus infections that can plague them the rest of their lives, she says.

If your cat has bad breath, it may have a digestive disturbance, infected teeth or gums, or a urinary ailment. (The only exception is if your cat has been eating fish or other aromatic food.) Bluish or ashy colored lips, and sores or ulcers in the mouth are other signs to be concerned about.

Coat And Skin: Your cat's coat should be unbroken, smooth and soft to the touch. Its skin should be clean and free of sores, rashes and eczema. A healthy cat grooms itself regularly and rarely has matted hair.

To examine your cat's skin and coat, part the fur in several places all over the body including the legs, neck, chin and head. Signs to look for are a dull coat or dry skin, excessive shedding (except in spring), lumps or masses, swelling, bald patches, open sores, excessive parasite infestation and intense biting or scratching at the skin.

In states like California, Florida and Texas, fleas have the warmth to live year-round and the biggest skin problems by far is flea allergy dermatitis. It usually starts as tiny scabs around the neck and at the base of the tail. Patches of hair loss or brittle, broken hairs can accompany it. If the condition goes untreated, it can eventually involve the entire body. You should also check the spaces between the digits on your cat's paws. If your cat spends time outdoors, briars, stones, foxtail, sand and the salt that is used for melting snow can easily irritate the inter-digital area.

Weight Veterinarians estimate that 30 percent or more of pet cats in the United States are overweight. Obese cats have a greater incidence of liver problems, heart disease, diabetes, pancreatitis and arthritis. One way to determine if your cat needs to lose weight is by doing a body condition score on it.

If your cat is in good body condition you should be able to rub your hands over the rib cage and with gentle pressure you should be able to count each of the ribs. If you're looking down at the cat, behind the ribs there should be an indentation at the waist. When you look at it from the side, they belly should be tucked up somewhat and should not be dragging on the ground.

The Art of Yorkie Grooming

Yorkies are famous for their soft, flowing coats. But, it takes a great deal of care to keep the fur in tip-top condition. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to care for your Yorkshire terrier's coat.

Their tresses is incredibly soft & mellifluous and is often referred to as being very similar to human hair. This fact is wonderful for people that are perhaps allergic to ordinary animal fur.

Most wash made for people can actually irritate the integument of Yorkshire Terriers. Yorky integument has a lower tolerance to cleaning soluti women's coats ons than human integument does. One of the causes of irritation is that Yorky integument has different PH needs; so using a human's wash can dry your Yorkys integument out causing annoyance to you and him.

Before you bathe your dog, it is important to grow the worst of the knots out of his coat. If you have kept up with his grooming, this should not be too difficult.

When washing your Yorkshire terrier's coat, don't scrub it excessively. The cleaning action of the wash will lift the dirt without scrubbing, and you run the risk of tangling the coat. It is smart to use a tearless wash near the eyes and face.

Rinse thoroughly; leftover wash can irritate the skin. since shampooing, condition the fur with a light conditioner. Let it sit for a while, as directed, then rinse it out.

One of the best things about giving your pooch a bath can be drying him off. Because his tresses can easily be tangled into an aggravated mess at this point, you may try bundling him up with a soft absorbent towel and doing some one on one cuddle time. Taking advantage of his awesome snuggly goodness can be rewarding to both of you.

since you have finished drying the Yorky pup off and have rewarded him for being a good puppy. It becomes time to move onto the next steps of combing and trimming that lovely Yorkshire terrier mellifluous coat.

A light spray of water or conditioner makes it much easier to work out any snares.

Refrain from using a natural bristle brush, as they are likely to 'snag' the Yorkshire terrier's coat. The best type of comb for the fine, mellifluous tresses of the Yorkshire terrier is a good quality pin comb with a rubber backing to it.

Finally, take a long tined metal comb, and comb through the coat. It is amazing how many small snags remain, even since a thorough brushing.

The next step is to assess or reassess you tresses style strategy for your pet. Consider length, age of your dog, and specific needs it may have developed recently due to environment, age, and medical issues before trimming any hair.

Some owners prefer to keep their Yorkies clipped short for ease, this is a good plan but you must ensure that you are prepared to keep this up every few months.

It is equally important to care for your Yorkshire terrier's feet. The tresses between the pads should be trimmed so that it is level with the pads. during you can shape the tresses near the feet at this time, it is easier to wait until since you finish his bath.

Trim the tresses near his anus to about 1" long, to keep him clean.

To keep your Yorkshire terrier's ears upright, it is important to keep them well trimmed. Excess tresses will in fact weigh them down. Using clippers, trim the upper 1/3 of the ear, both on the inside and outside. The back of the ear should be trimmed in a downward-pointing triangle.

With ear cleaning solution, use some small gauze squares to cleanse his ears. Never put anything small like Q-tips into his ears, it is easy to accidentally damage his eardrums.

Finally, you can decorate your little guy with a fancy ribbon or bow. Of course, many Yorky owners prefer their Yorkys to go au-natural instead.

If the worst happens & you accidentally clip the quick, do not panic, have some powder to hand even talcum powder will do & pop some onto the claw in question. The powder will aid in coagulating the blood therefore stemming the flow.

It is important to cleanse your Yorkie's teeth regularly with a special pooch toothbrush & paste, encouraging your pooch to chew at hide based treats is also a good plan as this will help to reduce tartar building up.

Of course these other checks do not have to be completed on a daily basis but it is a good plan to adopt a regular routine, perhaps every couple of days.

Help to keep your Yorkshire terrier glad & well by cleaning and brushing him/her regularly, since all if your pooch is glad you are happy!

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