Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Domestic metal prices displaying explosive rise

In line with widely-known metal information and facts organizations "My iron and steel" to the latest market place evaluation, stated inside the last week, impacted because of the new benchmark value of an yearly international iron ore rose 65%, and domestic metal town, pretty low stock levels along with factors impact, the domestic steel characterised by an explosive rally. Construction steel, plate, cold and hot roll sheet steel goods in tons of steel along with significant gains happen to be more than 400 yuan. It can be noteworthy which the transaction took place between traders, primarily inside the actual end-user's transaction quantity is just not important.

According to "My iron and steel" surveillance, in the past week, the main steel market place particular types of efficiency: construction metal prices generally speaking rose sharply, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changsha, Nanchang as well as other markets rose four hundred yuan per ton metal; plate rates rise, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jinan, Hefei and also of places rose more than 450 yuan for each ton steel; hot and cold coils rates rise, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Nanchang, cold rolled coils as well as other locations rose more than 500 yuan per ton metal; significant t cost of an typical rise in profile of two hundred yuan.

As per the evaluation, the domestic development steel prices rose more than 300 yuan per ton, the location 17. As per incomplete statistics, in the course of the Spring Festival vacation, just after a complete of 126 domestic rebar producers elevated their prices, Guangzhou Iron and Metal, Shaoguan Iron & Steel, Wing metal and many other rod mill raised costs 2-3 times. Another 105 companies raised their rates for wire rod production, water, metal, steel along with steel-ping raised prices certain times. Shanghai, Guangzhou along with other significant markets postganglionic rebar inventories lower than expected, industry confidence, therefore greatly increased. Changsha region substantial rebar rates have been by way of 5,000 tons mark, up to 5150 yuan.

Next affect the domestic construction steel industry trends of elements, including: First, yearly contract iron ore rates up 65% of the expense of the transfer has not nevertheless fully in line with market expectations. The next is basically the current market transactions between the traders, clerks and other practical steel unit has been fully admission purchases. Third, around the stock up, but up speed and volume were significantly lower than in previous yrs ago. Fourth, metal mills and traders are optimistic and pig iron, billets and other raw materials costs are still powerful. The estimated development metal rates will will begin to rise, but the gains will tend to decrease.

Plate costs also rose sharply in the last week, China had 23 plate manufacturers adjusted ex-factory price, which increases rate of Shougang Metal, etc. to reach over 300 yuan per ton, but the real market place quantity was small, the basic transaction between the traders, the actual quantity into the hands of the few end-users. Cold and hot roll plate rates are rising sharply, including cold-rolled goods rise faster than hot-rolled goods, stock is somewhat reduced is the main cause of cold-rolled product rates. Inside a week there were 11 rod mill in Feb elevated the ex-factory cost, Baotou AM the biggest increase 400 yuan for each ton. Quantity within the cold and hot markets, most of the transactions among the traders.

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