Monday, December 12, 2011

Ways to Solve Leakage of Hydraulic Method

Initially, reasonable selection of sealed rubber ring and size of sealed groove

The sealing supplies should certainly be compatible with rod mill. According to systematic working strain, the hardness of rubber materials is as a consequence chosen. In order to make sealed materials reliable and also have lengthy provider existence, it should have suitable compression rate and tensile amount when creating sealed groove. If compression rate is also massive, the compression pressure is elevated, if friction is elevated, it could faster the abrasion of sealed materials, and also the support existence will be shorter. If friction is too little, the sealing feature just isn't superior, it's going to trigger leakage. As a result of simple structure, straightforward set up, excellent sealed function at the same time as reliable operation, zero-shaped sealed ring will not leak when it really is made use of as static seal, so it can be broadly applied. Thinking about enhancement of support existence, designers might avoid the situation which the central line of sealed ring is stretched when developing. Thus, the sealed ring should really be chosen based on international rule, whilst sealed groove might also be developed concerning corresponding standards.

Second, advisable design of parts and pipeline construction

When designing parts, designers might have directional angle in order to prevent damaging sealed components when putting in. When men and women install sealed ring on the sharp edges and groove components, they really should use protective cover to be able never to damage by sealed piece. When installing hydraulic pipeline, men and women should certainly shorten the distance in between oil tank as well as the operated portion as significantly as attainable. The elbows of pipelines, particularly rod mills ought to be fewer and less so as to decrease the pressure loss and friction. In hydraulic technique, persons will need to cut down fittings, like Jic Fittings, Weld Fittings and other people as several as possible. 30% to 40% of systematic leakage is brought on by fitting leakage.

3rd, control oil temperature of hydraulic system

If oil temperature is also high, lubricate oil film will grow to be skinny. If friction force is increased, the abrasion is intensified, the sealed materials are rapid getting older, which will make them hard and brittle, it will perhaps lead to leakage. So that you can increase the cooling effect of oil tank, people today can boost cooling surface area of oil tank, and separate the oil-out and oil-in within the oil tank with clapboard. In general speaking, the temperature of hydraulic oil in oil tank is among fifty five and 65 diploma, the biggest can't be exceed 70??. When the oil temperature of naturally cooling oil is exceeding the permitted worth, people should really add cooling pipe inside the oil tank or set up cooling device around the oil-in highway in order to reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil.

4th, choose the appropriate fittings

The commonly-used fittings in hydraulic method are three sorts, particularly, Jic Fittings, Ferrule Fittings and Weld Fittings. These three types of fittings are respectively characteristic, so people today will need to pick them in accordance with the working reliability and affordable function. Jic Fittings are rather low cost, Ferrule Fittings can bear rather significant vibration, and Weld Fittings can stand up to the situation with high stress, large temperature as well as big-bearing and big-vibrating machinery.

Fifth, strictly manage the manufactured top quality

People today must strictly manage the tolerance of sealed groove, along with the surface area roughness must be in accordance with necessity of drawing. The groove edge cannot have burrs and bumps, people today should really completely clean it ahead of installation. Besides, folks should certainly assure the good quality of sealed cover size and flange screw, the gap can't be as well substantial so as to avoid squeezing by sealed piece.

Additionally, throughout the manufacturing, people need to intensify the maintenance and administration, and they have to on a regular basis check out, mend and safeguard hydraulic device to be able to prevent the mechanical impact and effect strain. And persons must locate out the leakage in time in order to lower the failures and oil leakages, extend company life of device at the same time as enhance the very good condition of device.

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