Friday, December 7, 2012

Medals of America Helps Celebrate Our Military Veterans with Custom Builders

Medals of America, the veteran owned and operated premier source for military medals, patches and more, is helping to celebrate our military veterans with their custom builder for a number of military items, including military shirts. With Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day right around the corner, it is important to show support and appreciation for our active troops, and war veterans.

Every active military personnel and military veteran has something in common. They were all dedicated to serving our grateful nation. However, they all come from different backgrounds, with different stories, military involvement and war experiences. Because of the different histories of each military personnel, each deserves to be uniquely recognized. A custom builder allows custom military gear to be designed to honor those who have served. Whether a custom rack builder, or a custom t-shirt builder, or anything in between, Medals of America can help design something that is individualized, unique and proud, just like the veteran or military supporter who will wear it. From a custom military t-shirts, custom embroidered hats, custom glasses and more, there is something for every veteran.

"Our military veterans and active personnel have done, and continue to do, invaluable things for our grateful nation," said Lee Foster, COO, Medals of America. "While there are days throughout the year dedicated to honoring our veterans, we still need to take the time and offer our gratitude. Medals of America can help honor our veterans with the use of a custom builder to design something that symbolizes the duty and honor served by our military personnel, but also shows our appreciation."

For more than 35 years, Medals of America has been dedicated to providing our veterans with military medals, military ribbons, military patches and more, for them to display proudly. This mission never changes, and only continues to grow stronger, so when there is an opportunity to honor those who have served our great nation, Medals of America is there to help. Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day are coming up later this month, May 21, 2011 and May 30, 2011, and are both great opportunities to honor the great men and women who have served our country.

Contact Medals of America today, and we can help get started with one of our custom builders.

About Medals of America
Medals of America is your premier source for Military Medals, Badges, Military Hats, Patches, Rank, Rates and Insignia, as well as Custom Embroidered Clothing. We're also proud to offer our exclusive Ribbon Rack Builder, Military Medals Builder and Custom Display Case Builder.

Veteran owned and operated over 35 years! Our mission is simple - we want every Veteran and Service person to display the Medals our women's jackets grateful Nation awarded them. Anything we can do to have all the great Americans who served their country in the Military Forces display their award will enrich future generations by these symbols of Duty, Honor and Country.


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