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Men's Underwear Trends for 2012 - Men's Underwear

Body Shaping and contouring sweat proof underwear for guys.

Our very first prediction for 2012 is that sweat shield for guys is likely to be big news this current year. It is the second technique to attain the body you would like - no really like handles, a flat stomach, plus it even guarantees to improve your posture. Shaping Body undies started to catch on in 2011 but we reckon 2012 might be the calendar year that men are finally converted for the benefits of contouring underwear.

Designer brand names like 2x(ist) and Equmen have created men's sweat resistant shirt that's nevertheless designer and comfy to wear - and that's on leading of producing you look good! So our best suggestions for smoothing individuals wobbly bits and giving you that streamlined look are as follows:

Equmen Core Precision Undershirt - in Longsleeve or V-neck. These wonderful Undershirts will visibly streamline the body, improve your posture and manage your temperature, which signifies you stay calme and comfortable whatever you happen to be undertaking.

2(x)-ist Kind Slimming Trunks - these are designed to create abs from really like handles and offer you a far more sculpted look that avoids muffin tops. Additionally in addition they provide increased back support and posture help. The wide elastic waistband on these trunks is 6 inches deep and possesses the potential to trim your waist measurement by a massive 2 inches.

Men's improving underwear

Incredibly hot around the heels of our body shaping prediction for 2012 will come men's body improving underwear - it really is best for lifting and boosting your assets and just basically generating one of the most of what you have got. Additionally it appears excellent too! Our leading suggestions for body enhancing underwear that looks fantastic, feels comfortable and boosts your profile are in the Andrew Christian and C-in2 ranges:

Andrew Christian Just about Naked Flashback Boxers - the exclusive Flashback Technologies lifts your buttocks making them look company and round without having the have to have for embarrassing padding. They come in a Bamboo fabric which practically eradicates any sticking, sweating or chafing plus they function Anti-Muffin Best elastic to minimise the appearance of enjoy handles.

Andrew Christian Shock Jock Intense Frontal Enhancing Underwear in briefs, jocks and boxers - they function a concealed padded cup to assist shape and enhance a guy's front bundle and add as much as 2 inches (5 cm) onto your measurement.

C-in2 Core Sling Support Reduced No Display Trunks and Briefs - which attribute the C-in2 patented sling assistance technique that lifts and holds you and boosts your profile.


We believe materials are going to be even larger in 2012. Men's designer undies just keep getting better and far better, and with all the best brand names incorporating the latest technologies in their styles and fabrics we're spoilt for choice. But a few of our leading favourites are:

C-in2 - their Bamboo perforated mesh rigolade material is normally anti-bacterial, soft to wear, and eco-friendly too.

Equmen - use seamless stitching and specific mesh undershirts that help keep you awesome using a breathable, second skin fit.

Gregg Homme - their use of mesh and net tends to make them an underwear assortment that's sexy and comfortable.

N2N - use smooth sheer net for men's briefs, boxers and jocks. It really is a material that is typically more used in women's lingerie but N2N have utilised it to create an underwear array that's sexy, stylish and comfy also.

Rufskin - simply because their denim briefs and jocks are totally original and strikingly sexy!

Lots of color

We believe the pattern for colourful undies will carry on in 2012. There was quite a lot of colour in men's designer underwear in 2011 and it is time to embrace the entire colour spectrum within our briefs, trunks, boxers and jocks with colourful brand names like Andrew Christian, Bjorn Borg, Calvin Klein and Diesel.

We also feel styles and prints are likely to continue to be major news in 2012 - we're talking designer brands like Ed hardy, Ginch Gonch, Piss & Vinegar, and Replay. With their unique prints and stunning patterns, these definitely are brands to covet!

Designer waistbands

The waistbands on men's designer undies have been growing significantly colourful and adventurous and let's face it designer logos certainly influence our purchases, so we're convinced this is a trend that is likely to continue!

It is Soccer World Cup 12 months!

Last but not least, 2012 is Football FIFA World Cup Calendar year. So we reckon one of several biggest developments in men's underwear this current year is going to be the football fifa world cup. So get ready for quite a lot of footie inspired undies this coming year!

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