Monday, March 26, 2012

Short Comparison amongst Induction lamp & Traditional Lamp

Induction lamp is considered as a green illuminating light source of the low carbon age. It has many excellent features compared with traditional lamp, such as longer service life, low energy consumption, excellent color rendering and freedom of flickers.

Longer Service Life

There's no light filament or electrode in the induction lamp. The life of the bulb is depended on the natural reduction of fluorescent powder, which can be a sort of light source with the longest life among all the light sources. The service life of induction lamp is 50 times that of the incandescent lamp. Typically speaking, induction light can work for no less than 60,000 hours.

Low Energy Consumption

Compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, high-voltage mercury lamp and high-voltage sodium lamp in the same degree of illuminance, induction lamp costs the smallest degree of energy. That's because the luminous efficiency of the induction lamp system is as high as 95lm/w and the power capacity is above 99%. In this way, induction lamp can save 85% of electricity compared with incandescent lamp, and 50% compared with high-voltage mercury lamp and high-voltage sodium lamp.

Excellent Color Rendering

Since induction lamp applies fluorescent powder of three basic colours, the color rendering index is above 80, which happens to be the best in the lighting sources. What's more, the color rendering is much more stable. Induction lamp successfully overcomes the disadvantages of high density discharge lamps, whose light originates from numerous spots bringing uneven color. The high color rendering index helps to restore the original color of things under light and to improve the resolution of the color. Therefore, induction lamp is commonly applied in families and public places like school and supermarket.

Freedom of Flicker

Induction lamp is free from flickers or spluttering, and it really is of low glare, which will not bring harmful effect to our eyes. It can even help to eliminate pressure and exhaust of eyes. Induction lamp is perfect choice as the lamp for students and workers in offices, for the light of induction lamp is much tender than traditional light. There are also various kinds of colors for us to pick for different occasions.

Besides the exceptional attributes of induction lamp mentioned above, induction lamp also has excellent explosion-proof performance for its low temperature on the surface. It has excellent performance in an environment with temperature of -40?? to 50??.

For these advantages of induction lamp, the application of induction lamp has been extended to many fields of life and industry. Induction lamp is becoming the new and perfect selection of eco-friendly light source with wonderful performance.

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