Friday, November 23, 2012

Weak Economy Success Secrets

Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life now in a way that most people wouldn't, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life the way most people can't. The most advantageous time for an entrepreneur to spend money is when no one else has any. You are about to learn how to put these two concepts together to insure that you can successfully build wealth in today's weak economy.

The information I am about to give you comes with a few words of caution: It is designed for entrepreneurs only. I say this because it is powerful and, if misused, it will financially destroy the average person. I will answer the questions of "when" and "how" but I can only point you in the direction of "what." Follow this advice, choose wisely, and succeed. Now on to the good stuff...

The best time to spend money is when no one else has any. This is when your costs will be the lowest. What I am about to tell you will sound counter-intuitive, but one of the best times to get a new business going is in a changing and weak economy. Not only are your costs of goods and services low, but no one else has any money to compete with you.

Now I can hear what you are saying as you read this. You are saying that you are one of those people who have no money. You are remembering a saying that it "takes money to make money." You are correct, but I am about to give you perspective that will change everything.

The reason that you have no money to invest now is because your ego has made a slave of you, doing whatever you can to hold on to all of the things you acquired when the economy was strong. Everyone did it. They moved into houses they could barley afford, filled with toys that they spent their last dollar on every month including the new car in the garage. They could barely afford living that way then and women's jackets even though they are making less money today, they do everything they can to keep those things today. People are silly.

Here is your new plan. It's very simple. Get control of your ego, and get your expenses down to the absolute bare minimum so that you can invest at the most opportune time, which is now. I am talking about sacrifice. I am talking about operating at the bare minimum. You need food, basic shelter, a phone, and a computer with an internet connection. You do not need cable TV. You do not need beer and cigarette money. You do not need Sparkletts water and other such stupid wastes of money delivered to your home. In most major urban areas, you do not need your car. Get a bicycle, use public transportation, and be amazed how much more money you have at the end of every month to invest. Hey, you want to be successful in a weak economy, this it what it will take. It will take everything. That is what you will have to invest. At that point, the "everything point," it is only a matter of time before a very interesting thing happens to the wise entrepreneur with resources in a weak economy. They hit a point where they start to profit, and then they can buy all that stuff back for pennies on the dollar. When the guy who lives next door to you hasn't been able to feed his kids for 3 days, don't be surprised when he offers to sell you his 3 month old 52 inch TV for $300.00 because he has no other options.

Now we need to figure out what type of business you are going to start and invest that money in. First a point of clarification: A person who has started only one business, let's say a flower shop, is a florist and NOT an entrepreneur! A person who has started a flower shop, opened a deli, a dry-cleaning business, and a worm farm is an entrepreneur. The difference is diversification. They could wake up one morning and decide to sell Michel Jackson merchandise on eBay and be successful at that also. You see the florist wants to be a florist and will open and operate that business in any economic climate, which can be a financially fatal mistake. An entrepreneur doesn't have their heart set on one kind of business. They have their heart set on making money. They look at the economic climate and pick a business that suits the climate. Think of the florist as a woman who just bought a new mini-skirt, but the next day she walks out of the house wearing it even though it is pouring rain. The entrepreneur walks out of the house with a rain coat and an umbrella.

We are in a bad economy. It is raining outside. Stop trying to sell flowers and start selling rain coats. Shortly after September 11, sales of emergency supplies and gas masks went up. Start thinking in terms of what people feel they need and what problem you can solve for them rather than "what you want to do when you grow up." As the economy gets worse, people are using cash advance places more and more and paying the owners of those businesses huge interest. The banking and real-estate system is falling apart, enabling people who are doing loan modifications to get rich very fast by cleaning up the mess. There is opportunity everywhere. When World War III happens, I'll be the guy who made a fortune selling weapons and ammunition, hiding out safely in the bomb shelter I just built with all the profits. I may not be powerful enough to change the course of history but I am smart enough to ride the waves as they happen.

Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life now like most people won't, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life like most people can't. Make sacrifices to invest in something that is profiting more and more as the economy gets worse. Now is the time to build your empire. Click on the web link below for my free eBook Domination Basics, and start learning more about being successful right now.

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