Monday, February 20, 2012

Attentive Points on Cone Crusher Selection and Obtain

Cone crusher is the new type crusher designed by adopting new sort crushing concept. The gear structure principle is completely distinctive from other crusher of jaw crusher, hammer crusher and influence crusher. Its unique crushing functionality and output capability is incomparable by other kind crushers. Cone crusher might be divided into coarse crushing, secondary crushing and excellent grinding 3 varieties. Coarse cone crusher can also be referred to as gyratory crusher. Secondary crushing and great grinding cone crusher are also named bacterium form cone crusher.

By now, European and American countries mechanical tiny crushing business develops significantly well. You will discover a lot of factors worthy of learning and using example. In order for harmonious development' facing natural environment, it demands mechanical tiny crusher to become additional energy conservation and environment protective'. By virtue of continuous exploration numerous advanced modest crushing approach goes on mode, source, process and organization, it makes atmosphere pollution and atmosphere ruin caused by small crusher minimized. Then, going through constant growth of small crusher course of action, what must we spend focus after we purchase? By next, let's occur to take a look at this difficulty.

To start with, choice theory is made the decision by feed particle or layout particle dimension. Select super coarse or coarse sort for all those massive feed particle and choose secondary or good kind on the contrary. When determine feed particle, use largest size feed particle on cut edge as size basis to pick feed particle.

Secondly, in scale-board choice, user need to consider three components of output, power dissipation and put on resistance of scale-board. The longer scale-board may be the higher power dissipation is. Challenging material chooses brief scale-board and smooth materials chooses lengthy a single. In material arrangement, excellent materials chooses short scale-board and coarse material chooses long a single. As for feed particle arrangement, materials smaller sized than shut edge generally cannot surpass ten percent of entire materials, otherwise, energy dissipation would raise and product particle would become piece. Adhesive materials water containing raise would affect materials throughput capacity. Commonly, material water including should not surpass 5 percent. When it comes to power price use, regular cone crusher should obtain 75 percent to 80 %. Short head cone crusher should certainly acquire 80 % to 85 percent.

Thirdly, cone crusher normally arises lots of challenges in the course of operation because of bad making use of environment, weighty dust rather than adequate upkeep. In popular, we should really pay attention to next challenges for the duration of cone crusher operation. For a single thing, when cone crusher is operating, preserve feed materials even rather segregation. If feed material is uneven, there would arise creation capability decrease, overlarge product particle, regular spring movement, significant bearing pressure and increasing power usage. For one more, there ought to be de-ironing device to stop over-ironing of crusher chamber. In case of regular over-ironing, it might lead to axle breaking incident.

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