Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suzhou 100000 City Landscape Use Induction Lamp - LED Lights, Landscape Lights

A type known as "LED" City Landscape Sioux City has been quietly lit the night. It low-carbon, reduced energy intake, reduced air pollution for your metropolis Illumination Saving a coverage of "contribution." By now, fourteen thousand gentle Suzhou Metropolis Landscape has been transformed into a almost 80% with the LED. Meanwhile, induction lamps might be obtaining into "family." This is the information from Suzhou City lighting management realized with the data.

LED to "low-carbon, low energy intake, lower pollution" and is commonly used in landscape lighting, landscape lighting low for quite a few energy. Because there are numerous specialized issues, some power is still substantial landscape lights can't get replaced. As being a large energy usage, high energy lamp is, LED should play a leading role continues to be some strategy to go. Suzhou City lighting administration has already started investigation the applying of LED in the lamp.

Beginning in 2007, Suzhou Town lighting management to continue with engineering design, gear selection around the strict power conservation relations, Lighting Utilization of green lighting source products, performed around the 1422 energy conservation lamps. In accordance with estimates by energy saving and new center of the evening lighting applied to operate other energy-saving mode, conserving 2.68 million degrees in 2007, the yearly saving rate of 7.3%. In 2008, Suzhou Town lighting management to full 1032 group of energy conservation lamps, Western District, South Central, as well as the Friends in the elevated surpass of 3563 sets a new gentle in to the 20W ramp 3W of LED light induction. Central city fashion using the unique columns on the railing in the cold gentle of higher energy usage lamps to LED lamp cup, developing lights upgrade enormous high power intake just after the authentic cast was changed to LED lighting gentle. Number of new energy efficient tasks to accomplish energy conservation 2.08 million degrees, the annual saving rate of 5.6%.

Suzhou Town lights management Ye Feng, Deputy Director, mentioned the brand new project this current year, more than 250W energy avenue lights have already been put in with variable energy Ballast. Will will begin to advertise energy saving, software of step-down energy conservation, variable ballast and energy Energy conservation Lamp To conserve energy. Already starting to run on reducing energy conservation, variable-power energy efficient lamp ballast along with a complete test, manage its operation, the evaluation of reliability. On this foundation, additional promote the usage of, programs to total installation of 700 sets of variable power ballast, in the village advertise the use of saving energy light district a thousand. In repeated checks than within the foundation of check equipment LED lights this coming year. The "four horizontal, 4 vertical, three-center, the 3 entrances, a river "for the development of concentrate, the implementation in the landscape of Suzhou Town lighting improve project, the landscape lighting for new and optimized.

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