Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stone crusher information: Evaluate the cone crusher as well as the jaw crusher

cone crusher is widely employed, and higher crushing ratio. Cone crusher involve coarse crushing,medium crushing,very good crushing, the typical style (PYB style )of cone crusher is primarily used in the benefication plant, good crushing adopt D type cone crusher. For the coarse stone crusher, use cone crusher or jaw crusher, the next will be the simple comparation: Cone crusher(compare using the jaw crusher) principal advantages: 1. Crushing cavity is largedepth, work successive, large productive capability, low electrical intake .Evaluate the same width inlet with the jaw crusher, the creation capacity is greater twice than the jaw crusher, the electric usage of each and every ton of ores is lower 1.5-2 instances as opposed to jaw crusher. 2. Stably operating,mild vibration,equipment base excess weight is smaller sized. The cone crusher foundation weight is the body weight 's 2-3 occasions. the jaw crusher 's foundation weight is 5-10 times than the device entire body excess weight. 3. Cone crusher can feed ores fully, huge cone crusher can feed uncooked ores immediately, no ought to include hopper or feeding machine.But jaw crusher can't feed totally with the inlets,jaw crusher demand feeding materials evenly, and can develop hopper and vibrating feeder, when the ore size larger than 400mm, should set up heavey duty of feeder. 4. Cone crusher is straightforward to start out, jaw crusher need to have the auxiliary gear to start out the flywheel rotating(besides the stage jaw crusher start out) five. Cone crusher will make much less sheet form of merchandise as opposed to jaw crusher. But cone crusher also has the disadvantages(evaluate with all the jaw crusher): one. The gyratory device body is higher, greater than the jaw crusher two times or 3 instances, the builing workshop expense is greater. 2. The cone crusher excess weight is large, the excess weight is greater one.7-2 occasions than exactly the same feeding sizeof jaw crusher, therefore the gear price is significant. three. Cone crusher is not ideal for the damp and sticky ores. four. Complicated of set up and maintainance. When select the coarse crushing gear within the crushing design, need to take into consideration the ore character,and also the completed items dimension needs, benefication plant scale,and so forth. We recommend that when crush the difficult stones and extended shape of stones,only want two ore three sets of jaw crushers to fulfill the requirements, and 1 cone crusher can substitute, which means you must decide on the cone crusher first of all. Specially for that clinoform terrain, this design is a lot more favorable. When crush the moist as well as the sticky ores, or in the medium sized,small-sized benefication plant, jaw crusher is suitable.

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