Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Strengths & Future of Electromagnetic Induction Lamp

Throughout the globe, we will hear the same voice calling for energy conservation. Environment-friendly items ranging from refrigerator, automobile to lamps, are ever more popular among the public. E . g ., the electromagnetic induction lamp, as a new hi-tech environment-friendly product, has already dominated the lamp market. So how it can be superior to other lamps? First is long service life. Electromagnetic Induction lamp doesn't have electrodes. This feature enables it to outlive most ordinary lamps. Most often speaking, it provides illumination for almost 60 thousand hours, a hundred times longer than ordinary lamps. This surely surprises many households who often have to change burned bulbs. Second is energy conservation. The energy-conserving performance is the biggest strength of induction lamp whose power coefficient is as high as 0.98, compared to the 0.45 of ordinary lamps. It means induction light saves as much as 40% of electricity consumption for a household. As the lighting consumption counts for a large part of the household bill, I guess wise housewives won't hesitate to use induction lamp for house lighting. Three is no twinkling of the light. Most ordinary lamp will twinkle by way of fluctuation in the voltage. But induction lamp adopts high-frequency electronic ballast which guarantees the current frequency is as constant as ever. Four is the wide range of power and voltage. The rated power of an induction lamp varies from 20 watts to 250 watts. Such wide range of power makes it suitable for both civilian and industrial purposes. Besides, its rated voltage also stretches from 85 volts to 277 volts. Yet, despite all these strengths of induction light, we still have to tackle some difficulties to realize its wide application. Above all, the price of induction light is much higher than that of ordinary lamps. This is one of the reasons to hold consumers back. To trim down the price, the manufacturers should really, on one hand, realize scale production and help the consumers do the math on the other hand. The power cost saved for a long time will outweigh the extra money paid for the induction lamp. Still, the manufacturers must highlight the energy-conserving performance in its marketing campaign. Its environment-friendliness is but the biggest appeal to the potential consumers. To sum it up, induction lamp is a marvelous product with regards to energy conservation and environment protect. It deserves a promising prospect in the lamp market for the yrs to go.

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